Saturday, September 4, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Scored some free Mariner tickets at work for the Friday night game. Baseball fan I'm not, but son Ian is and I knew he'd enjoy going. He's only been to one other MLB game and was so young, doesn't remember any of it. Boss Man at work was giving away 4 tickets, so a coworker and I split the booty.

Super nice weather, great seats, stuffed our face on overpriced food, had fun with coworker dude and his girlfriend, since we all sat together - really nice people. He also shares the New Jersey homeland experience, so we get a kick about sharing NJ stories. Ian had a good time and actually paid attention to the game - as opposed to me - who was just enjoying the scene.

On the way home, stopped by the used car lot that's offering the boat sized Chevy wagon I tested a few days ago. Lot was closed, but the car was unlocked, so Ian and checked it out once again. I crawled under there once more with a flashlight to convince myself it's too rusty to purchase. Everything I see is just surface rust, no structural damage. Yeah, eventually there will be - years down the road. Still weighing it out, but I've already dismissed it - I guess.

On the bike front, can feel summer drawing to a close. One commute last week in 55 degree temps and pouring rain. One ride home finished in darkness after getting stuck at work late. Yup, will need to charge up the lights soon. Summer went by quick. Too quick.

Solo mountain bike ride this afternoon. With the rain - dusty conditions have improved - trails in great shape. Solo ride means I could push the pace a bit, so I did. At speed, the 29er still works really well, even with a hardtail. Besides the rolling smoothness of it all, you can feel the cornering benefits over a 26 wheel bike. It just plain works. Sure, I wish it was maybe 3 pounds lighter at times - but that just being picky. Overall, it rocks and so did the trails today.

Over 'N" Out.....


  1. You got to get that ride and put some 22's up under that sucker and you be pimping that wagon.

  2. I think the "white whale" has been calling out for you.
    And yeap, I think summer left this weekend when I started out my rides with a wind breaker.

  3. Yes - that wagon is calling my name - even though no one else "gets it" at the moment.

    22" wheels? Nah. Some older style Cragars maybe.

  4. @Dan O

    Not sure about the first sport you're referencing there, I thought Mariners were people who live in the Marine Layer.

    As for the wagon, I can tell you I spend too much money on my cars and can't wait to be done with it. Get the most effective car you can for the cheapest car you can. Then put a bling bike on top. Wagons RULE. I've driven them my whole life.

    Summer is passing...bummer...snuck out on Bike #1 yesterday. The "fair weather" and "bad weather" bikes are both on deck for tuning and prep. Ugh.

  5. @Frank

    Yeah, I'm not a baseball fan at all. My son digs it though - no problem there.

    Wagons are great - additional room without the full size boat - usually. I skipped the wagon mentioned and went for a the $500 Jetta deal off a friend. Can't get much cheaper then that.

    My wet weather rig - the Ibis 'cross/commuter - needs some serious work. Totally wasted chainrings, bb, cassette and chain. The left STI shifter is flaky as well. Time for the full overhaul.