Saturday, September 18, 2010

1986 Miyata Team - Yes Please

I spotted this sweet '86 Miyata Team on eBay, offered for sale by The Pros Closet. It looks super clean and in perfect shape. They're asking $900 and if I didn't have about two zillion items more important to spend $900 on, it be on its way here via a big brown truck. It's even my size. Damn.

I have a soft spot for Miyata bikes of that era - which happens to be my bike shop era. I spun wrenches in a shop from '81 to '84 or so. Whippany Cycle, located in scenic Whippany New Jersey. I assembled many Miyatas at that time and always dug their higher end road bike models - the 912, the Pro, and the Team. I never purchased one, but should have. I did wind up buying a Miyata mountain bike however, but that's another story.

I occasionally cruise eBay searching for a clean example, this one is the best I've seen.....

Old school Dura-Ace and steel fork. Very nice indeed.

More old Dura-Ace goodness. Only 6 speeds. Go ahead, count 'em.

Man, that's clean. I always dug the blue color of the Pro and Team models.

Ah, downtube friction shifters. Somewhere, Grant Petersen nods his head in approval.

Old school Turbo saddle. I still run one of these on my RB-1.

Very, very nice. Yeah, modern carbon bikes rock - but don't match this era of old school steel for style.

Oh well, the cleanest example I've ever witnessed. Not gonna happen, unless Santa is watching. I promise - I'll be good all year. Really.


  1. Hey Dan O, I just picked up an older Miyata Team Professional with Shimano 600 groupset. Would you happen to know anything about it if I provided a serial number?

  2. Cool old bike to pick up. I don't have any Miyata serial number info myself.

    Does this help?:

  3. I just picked up mine, a 1985 team, completely original... for sixty dollars

    Still pinching myself.

  4. I have a (1984) Miyata Six Ten. Stored in my garage and not ridden for 15-20 years. Very clean. Any suggestions how to ready it for riding without ruining its "vintage" look and value? thanks.