Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cyclocross!! - The Season Begins

Cyclocross season kicked off today with the first event of the MFG Cyclocross series. This event held at Big Finn Hill Park, right in our neighborhood. How often is a race rideable from your front door? No car required.

Ian was looking forward to racing - me too. I however was wacked with a head cold and sore throat since yesterday, so bagged the idea of racing. On top of that, I never took the time to convert my trusty Ibis from commuter mobile to certified 'cross weapon - by yanking off the fenders and swappin' tires. Enough excuses, still plenty of races left in the season for me to get blown out the back of the pack - my speciality.

Ian's race also had a comfy start time of 12:10 PM, so we got to sleep in a bit, then ride over to sign up. And sign up we did. Well, Ian anyway. After the proper paperwork was filed with correct authorities, Ian rode around a bit to warm up - though no opportunity to pre ride the course. Not a big deal, since it was the exact same course as last year.

Lots of kids did battle today and always fantastic to witness. Here, kids in the Junior 10 - 12 age class , including Ian, take off for their 20 minute race. Total of 24 kids in the Junior 10 - 12 class - amazing! Ian placed 15th out of the bunch, not a bad showing at all. Super good in my book. More important, he had a great time and wants to do the entire series. We'll hit some other races for sure.

Kids attack the barrier section. Small legs equal big barriers.

Ran into a guy I know who does IT support for REI, so we see each other occasionally for work related pow wows. Todd rides this sweet old school Independent Fabrications 'cross bike. He uses it for everything - dirt and road rides - no mountain bike required.

I also ran into a few other people I know, since like minded bike geeks tend to congregate in the same areas. Craig, an old mountain bike club pal was there with his son. We're supposed to share some rides again soon - been many years. Wacky enough, I also recognized the dude who bought my Triumph Speed Triple off me in 2001. How I remembered that face is a mystery - nice guy though. He now races 'cross and sold off all moto powered devices as well. Smart move.

Daughter Amy and wife Lori also attended the festivities. Amy was scheduled to race the free kiddie class event, but we goofed and missed it - since it happened while we were cheering Ian on. Here, a chocolate covered waffle seems to be consoling matters.

Now a few various pics of the fast Cat 1 and 2 dudes going at it.....

All in all, a great shindig. They even had a running race on the course as the last event, though we headed home before that kicked off. Food and beer available, various team and other official camps lining the course, cool set up. It appeared to be a bigger crowd then last year, which was the first year for this series. Cyclocross is also pretty big here in the Pacific Northwest. And for good reason - short and fast races, cool vibe - perfect for racers and spectators alike.

No matter what the result - still my favorite racer.


  1. That is neat, family time at the CX. Ian good job, you learn well.

  2. Thanks. Ian had a good time and is looking forward to the others in the series.

    Similar to the Indie Series (mountain bike) we've done in the past, just hitting many events and finishing racks up the series points. Gives a sense of accomplishment and "scoring" that kids dig. We need more kids racing.

    Though seeing 24 kids in Ian's class alone was impressive. Sign of the future?