Friday, September 10, 2010

Energy Independent Future?

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An Energy-Independent Future
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Even though I rarely watch the show (or television at all lately), The Daily Show with Jon Stewart can be pretty damn funny and smart at the same time. Stewart (and of course, his writers) have an awesome knack of putting out the news and wicked political commentary with a super witty style - even if you do or don't agree with the message.

This piece on America's dependance on oil is really well done - check it out.


  1. That was utterly freak'n hillarious. Also, a point well made. BS, follows BS.

  2. Makes you wish you'd snagged the White Whale, huh?
    Oil is the future, comrade.

  3. @MrDavey - Yeah, funny and sad how this BS never seems to change.

    @upton - The White Whale would have ensured the dinosaurs did not die in vain - was not to be - at least in my driveway.

    However, a mini White Whale has taken its place....