Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eddy - The Cannibal

Pretty cool montage of Eddy Merckx plucked off YouTube, via the Italian Cycling Journal. Give it a spin.

Merckx, perhaps the greatest road cyclist ever, was a bit before my time. So everything gathered via old video, pictures and written stories. Even so, new cyclists realize he was a legend and still know of him.

I always enjoy looking at this era of racing. The steel frames, toe straps, the classic jerseys, no helmets, no eye wear to block the facial expressions. The look of the old film, the now vintage support vehicles, even the way the spectators are dressed - all hark to another age. A classic time for bike racing.

As mentioned, the Eddy era was a bit before my total interest in bicycling. However, not by much, since I pulled bike shop duty in the early '80s. Maybe another reason why I connect in a way to these old clips.


  1. I love that, now my blood is pumped Eddy is a manimal. There is something raw and powerful about those steel frames. I wish I would have kept one, I had a trek from their 2nd year, if I only knew.

  2. Good thing about steel frames - the production versions are real world priced. Soma, Surley, Rawland, etc. Can build up something pretty nice off 'em. Add Torelli to the list as well. Oh yeah, and Gunner.

    Then there's the art stuff: Independent Fabrications, Steelman, Waterford, Serotta, etc. Yes please.

    I dig the carbon bikes, but if a Brinks truck crashed into the house - I'd go with something like a Steelman custom - steel fork included.