Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ass Kicking 'R' Me

I'm riding home from work today, just left my building - doing a little sidewalk surfing, crossing a street - attempt to bunny hop up the curb, since many pedestrians using the sidewalk and I don't wanna be rude. Small, ancient sewer grate to clear also. I'm moving at a walking pace.

I successfully hop the curb and sewer, though both SPD pedals simultaneously release mid flight. I land straddling the top tube, feet down, SPD cleats skidding across the sidewalk. The nose of my old school Flite saddle impales my tail bone and general ass area. Ouch. Lucky for me, I don't go down.

I casually clip back in and pedal away, like I meant to do that. Sidewalk full of people probably thinking, "Nice going Racer Boy - ha!" Yeah, it was funny, I gotta admit.

About 5 seconds after pedaling away, man - that hurt. My ass and tail bone still hurt hours later. Mighty impressive indeed.


  1. I know that territory, OUCH, make one turn on your pedal tightness, and hop hop away. :-)

  2. Yeah - I run my SPDs pretty loose. I may tighten 'em a hair....