Friday, September 17, 2010

Paved Magazine

While doing a little lunch time magazine stand surfing the other day, noticed this shiny new publication on the rack. I gave it the quick flip through and deemed it worthy of purchase for further inspection. Not a tough sell to bike fan and magazine nut me. I read a stupid amount of bike related tomfoolery - what's one more? Throw it on the pile.

Paved is brought you by the same folks the put out bike, the mountain bike publication. That's right bike, no capital. No capital letter means it's cool, everyone knows that. As you can see, paved contains no capital, so it also must be cool. Plus, the cover states (strangely enough in all caps) "Celebrating the raw passion of riding on the road". I'm not sure if my passion for road riding can be described as "raw", but I'd say it's at least medium rare - so I'm close.

Oh yeah - Lance is on the cover. By now, that seems to be some sort of federal law - Lance must be cover material for all bike related magazines - at least for a few issues a year. If not, you'll get a call from Lance's "people". And that means trouble.

After reading the entire premier issue, pretty good - especially for a first shot. All kidding aside, I've been the bike magazine fan for years, so cool to see a road version with their style - better then average photography and writing with just enough hipness to keep it fun.

This issue contained some nice photography and some decent articles. I enjoyed the story on Ben Serotta of Serotta bike fame and Gary Erickson of Clif Bar fame. I think Serotta has fallen off the radar a bit, though they make impressive frames. If I was going for the high end frame, a steel Serotta would be on my list for sure. Clif Bars? My family has eaten a few zillion boxes worth of Clif Bars over the years. It's also a cool company that gives back to the sport.

Back to the mag - one other interesting story on doping and the history of it all. Nothing earth shattering, but disgusting example of old school method of cheating the urine test spelled out for your enjoyment.

A glimpse at some of the articles.....

Does the world really need another bike magazine? Probably not. Then again, a good sign that the audience - or demographics in marketing speak - is big enough support yet another publication. And that means more people are riding. Well, hope so anyway.

In any case, a cool mag - check it out. I'm also betting it becomes even better with future issues.


  1. I'm gonna check it out. Due to time constraints I only read the local newspaper, and every bike magazine I can get my hands on.

  2. I am digging the mag (thanks for the lend). The photographs and unpretentious writing are right on.

  3. No problem with the loan/swap. I've finished your Bicycle Quarterly mag. No rush on the reverse swap.

  4. Hello, Im looking forward to getting "paved" here in the UK. If you like bike magazines I dont know if you've seen ours?

    a slightly different take on cycling magazine.

  5. I just got one. For CycleSport, Ligget's magazine, I always liked the picture of the old time cycling but his magazine was relatively expensive for only a few pages of the ol' times. This magazine costs less and from what I can see has a number of nostalgic type of photos. Also, CycleSport has always had too much of a fan approach to the sport. I am reading and I will see how it goes mind you, Cycle Sport is excellent too.

  6. Excuse me for the 2nd post here, of all things, no wonder this looks like a good mag so far, Joe Parkin of Dog in the Hat fame (book about his exploits riding in Belgium primarily) is the editor. He said he was taking up an editor's job but said nothing about Paved itself. Joe's old blog: . He was the first one to tell us bob roll got in a ski accident this past early spring where he broke his femur! Bob Roll helped Joe get into the racing per Europe.

  7. @Phillp: Thanks for visiting and your link - will check it out.

    @ButterPecan: Leave as many posts as you'd like! Always cool to get a response and realize people actually visit my blog. Interesting fact on Joe Parkin being involved with paved magazine. I need to read Joe's book soon.

  8. @Phillip: Excuse the delay, I just checked out the link and your mag.

    Fantastic! Articles by Greg LeMond, Steve Peat and Charlie Kelly - amazing. Great look and layout as well.

    I'll be back to dig deeper for sure. Very cool...

  9. Picked up a copy myself. Very impressive. Unlike the other rags, doesn't seem to be covered in too many advertisements.

  10. Im going out this afternoon to find a copy of the magazine. I really enjoy your blog BTW.
    I have an old Fat in the basement too!

  11. @part-timer: That's for the kind words. Yeah - an old Fat!

  12. Agreed - well written and great photography. Truly enjoyed it.

  13. Lance's "people" will give you a call. "Umm, so, haven't had Lance on the cover in over 4 issues...sooo...that was pretty explicit in the contracttt....we're gonna have to go ahead and remove you from the public...mmk? Greeaattt."

    The article on doping in that issue was pretty great though. "If it takes 10 pills to kill me give me 9." Scary stuff when you consider the size of the peloton. Nothing short of organized crime, wouldn't you say? Gotta love those guys though, Allez Chavanel! Et feliciations a Hushovd pour la titre du Champion Mondiale!

  14. @Mark - That's cool you enjoyed it as well.

    @Will - Shhh....Lance's people may hear you. You can't be too careful...