Monday, September 27, 2010

Running is Dangerous - Stick to Bikes

Bizarrely humid in the Seattle area today. You'd think with how damp it can be here, this would be a common occurrence. Not true. It's usually damp and chilly, not damp and hot - like today.

Compared to my east coast roots, it's nothing, but in any case - while riding to work this morning - I'm actually roasting a bit. The pavement is wet, low hanging clouds, sun peeking though in spots. It did make for some cool looking scenery on Lake Washington however.

I risked taking the fender-less Ibis and lost the bet, ground was wet enough to get everything nice and corroded with road grit. Awesome. On top of that, I left home really late, then scored a flat tire on the way in. Nothing more fun then changing a filthy wet tire - that fits stupid tight on the rim. Ah, joy. I then wasted all my water attempting to clean my hands off. I arrive at work pretty late - even for me. I'm making it all sound worse then it was, since I still enjoyed the ride. I guess I'm sick that way.

For the trip home, left work late - cosmic way of leveling things out. I'm almost home, off the Burke-Gilman Trail, and heading up Juanita Drive towards my neighborhood. There's a small bridge to cross, no shoulder, so I usually take the sidewalk - narrow walk with railings on both sides. Sometimes a jogger or someone taking a stroll is on the sidewalk as well, so I need to slow down to allow room to pass.

As I hit the bridge today, it's getting dark, but I can see a woman jogging towards me on the bridge. As we get closer, I slow down for her to pass - then notice blood all over her face, dripping down her jacket and onto the ground. She's actually cupping one hand under face to catch the blood. Yikes. She's a mess.

We stop and I asked her what happened. She loses it a bit and starts crying, said she just fell while jogging and bit through her lip. Her mouth is a bloody sight, dripping all over. I ask her if she needs any help - is her car nearby? Said she's running over to the medical clinic on the corner, since it's closer then running home. Good idea - the clinic is only about 100 yards away - if even that. I tell her it looks worse then it actually is, she'll be fine (I hope) - and she takes off.

I continue my ride home, I'm sure with a few stitches, she'll be okay and running again soon. Ouch.


  1. Ouch, poor girl, comforting words you had.

  2. And how do jogging fatalities compare to cycling fatalities?? Hey, Marathons often have people dropping from heart failure so it is not unknown.

    But I decided to post because last year, a landmark running book Born to Run came out, published 2009 and nearing 600 reviews on it. Perhaps you know the book. All that said, I'm not a real runner but I don't knock it.

  3. I'm not familiar with the book - will check it out though.

    I'm not a runner either - it appears to be slow motion torture - but hey, to each his own. As long as your outside moving, any mode is good.