Sunday, November 18, 2012

1982 Miyata Pro - Vintage Goodness

Like the Camaro you wanted in high school, the bike geek version from my bike shop era - the '82 Miyata Pro - this one spotted on eBay.  And Holy Suntour Superbe Batman, this one is a keeper.  Appears to be the garage queen with little use or wear.  Sweet.

Alas, 63cm frame way too big for me, so no need to explain to the family why I need a vintage Miyata hanging in the garage.  This one going in the $790 - $990 range, not exactly chump change.  Curious to watch the bidding action over the next few days.

I'll just admire from afar, pics borrowed from eBay listing...

I'll keep my eBay search alive.  I'd like to score just a clean frame set - as to not feel guilty pulling off vintage parts - then replace with something along the lines of modern Ultegra or Chorus.  Mixture of Old 'N' New, that be a very cool steed indeed, standing out in a sea of modern carbon.  True?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blue Angels - In November?

My iMac is bursting at the seams with pictures, hard drive full enough to effect performance.  I have one Firewire drive I use for backup, time to get more drastic and move/archive pics to another drive for storage.  This way my pics are sitting on two drives once moved off the iMac.

Drives do fail, so better keep an archive on at least two external drives.  Trust me on that.  You can then also move one drive off site - work place, neighbors house - just anywhere not under the same roof.  Then you're covered in case of fire, theft, or other scenarios you don't wish to think about.

While moving my Pile-O-Pics around, came across a few shots from the summer.  The Blue Angels visit Seafair every year and I've hit the show occasionally over the years.  This time finally armed with a decent camera, my Nikon D7000.  Thought I'd post a few for pondering, better then fermenting unseen on a hard drive.  That's my take on photography anyway.

Considering I've never shot an air show in my life, jets blowing by at crazy speeds, 70 - 300 mm lens at the ready, I didn't do too bad.  Add in sweat literally stinging my eyes due to the heat, amazed I caught anything at all...

Oh yeah, should also mention, the Blue Angels are loud.  Uh, really loud.  An insane cool noise though.  With that, I'm out.  Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Until next time...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Two Basic "R"s - Riding 'N' Rock

70+ minutes on trainer in the garage - spinning going nowhere - dripping sweat with iPod set to stun. Reminder that my two basic "R"s have been low lately - Riding 'N' Rock.  Working on correcting that ASAP.

Queens of the Stone Age, "Go with the Flow" to finish it off...

I want something good to die for
To make it beautiful to live

Do you believe it in your head?
I can go with the flow