Saturday, November 30, 2013

WAWCX - Washington Women of Cyclocross

Man-O-Man, the ol' blog has been collecting serious dust lately.  Time to crank it out and help clog up the ol' Internet…

Last, uh, July - I hit a cool cyclocross event, practically in my backyard - held at Saint Edward State Park.  This 'cross event focused on getting more women out there racing cyclocross, complete with clinics and other info sessions.  The racing action itself for women racers, though men allowed to compete in a few non-timed events - if I remember correctly - been a few months now.

Washington Women of Cyclocross, WAWCX for short, hosted the gig.  Kari Studley, who I know through the Evergreen Washington Student League, ran and promoted the shindig, along with Lisa Miller and other volunteers.  Oh yeah, Kari is also a single-speed 'cross world champion, along with being a national champion.  So I guess she knows a thing or two about 'cross.

I buzzed my 29er over, complete with Nikon in tow, thinking I'd snap a few pics and head home.  Wound up staying for the whole shindig - great crowd, good racing, great event - and the first of its kind in the area.  I can imagine this getting pretty big in the years ahead.  One thing bike racing needs is more women involved and events like are a great concept.

Few of the many pics I grabbed for the day...

Evan, super fast high school kid, gives is a go during one of the men's "fun" events.

Two competitors in action from the kid's race.  Along with more women, attracting more kids to bike racing should be on everyone's agenda.

Nice course setup, mostly grass, here sampled by one of the many women racers in attendance.

Round 'N' Round they go, where they fall - nobody knows.  Entertaining circle of death feature included at no extra charge.

This must be the place.

Warm temps and sunny skies greeted everyone.

Sprint for the finish.

Off they go!  Awesome to see the many women who raced the event, experienced and beginners alike.

Some single track added to the mix.  Well done course layout.

Women racers always seem to have a smile on their face.

One of the many podium celebrations, complete with Kids 'N' Babies.  Nice.

Future champion.

Caution:  You may end up digging 'cross.

You gotta be fast to rock the pink lightening bolts.

The really fast girls in action.

Course even featured a short sand section, someone here putting the power down.

These girls will kick your ass.  No doubt.

The seminary building made for a cool 'cross barrier backdrop, no?

Festive pit area.

Kari, promoted and ran the event, then crushed the single-speed race.  That would be multi-tasking.

Mr. Cyclocross rocks on.

It ain't over 'til you get the high five from Mr. Cyclocross.

At the end of the day, super cool race - well run, great turn out, fun course, perfect weather - fantastic day.  Here in the 'cross crazy Seattle area, perfect demographics for this kind of women focused event.

Kudos to WAWCX for putting this on.  See you next year...

Old School - Spanish Style

Caught this video via Facebook, worth a repost.  Early '90s old school styling - bar ends, fanny pack, top mount shifters, pre-suspension - it's all here.  These dudes can also ride, as you'll discover upon viewing.  Traffic fun in Madrid, Spain - then trials moves in the mountains.  Cool stuff.

Apparently, this is an episode from a Spanish adventure type program.  Click here for full length original version.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rivendell Bicycle Works - New Catalog!

Nice surprise when I arrived home from work the other day, finding a new Rivendell catalog in the mail.  If you've been around the bicycle culture block a few times, you probably already heard of Grant Petersen.  From the Bridgestone heyday of the '90s, then started Rivendell when Bridgestone exited the US market.  If you're not familiar with the story, a few Google searches will get you up to speed.

I was a big Bridgestone fan during the '90s, complete with a few models hanging in the garage.  Part of that due to Grant's no nonsense marketing and catalogs - which are now collector items.  I continued my interest with Rivendell - even though the bikes themselves are not fully my gig - still enjoy reading Grant's take on things.

The Rivendell catalogs are written in a homy, fun style; no hype involved and great job pointing out details of products carried.  Very different from the usual bicycle marketing picture, that focuses on high tech and racing oriented philosophy.  The best marketing occurs when it simply reflects what the person and/or company stands for.  Rivendell is one of those companies and that's rare today.

In this day and age of why even bother printing a paper catalog, just post online - refreshing reminder - of how cool to find this in your mailbox. And not a virtual mailbox.

This is the type of catalog I wind up saving and flipping through numerous times.  Rare indeed.

Thanks Rivendell...