Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet The Team Ride - A Call to Roll

Saturday morning, we rolled out our "Meet The Team Ride", looking to round up local 7th - 12th graders for a trail ride and yapping session. Yapping involving spreading the word of our Northshore Composite team and the Evergreen Washington Student League.

We didn't do all that much advertising, usual Facebook announcement, along with a blurb in the Northshore school district emailed news gig.  A few folks emailed for additional info, but overall, not much buzz about it.  We didn't know if five folks or fifty would show on Saturday morning. Event scheduled for 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM at our home stomping grounds, Saint Edward State Park.  Fellow league coaches Troy and Marne also signed on to assist.

I slept and left late, riding over to the park and arriving about 9:55 AM.  Few folks waiting at the parking lot.  By 10:15 or so, more folks gathering.  We wound up with 26 people for the ride.  Current student/teammates, new kids, some parents also along for the ride.  Fantastic!

After me blabbing for 15 minutes or so about the team and league, with some additional comments from Troy and Marne - a few questions answered - and off we all rode.  Quite the string of riders.  A cool sight indeed.

Social cruise along the trails of St Ed and Big Finn Hill parks, occasional stopping to regroup.  I rode sweep and chatted a bit with Oliver, 7th grader new to the area.  He's riding the downhill oriented bike, single chainring, large backpack full of who knows what.  He had to push up a few hills, but still seemed to have a good time.

Also towards the back, a father/son combo, in the parking lot by sheer coincidence while we signed folks on - now officially on our ride.  Son from the local high school.  Beginner mountain bikers, complete with toe straps 'n' clips hanging upside down, waiting to grab every trail obstacle.  Even so, they appeared to have a great time and mixed in with the crowd.

Towards the end of the ride, two high school seniors, dirt jumper types - pulled off a bit early - after a great conversation.  They're interested in trying cross country oriented riding/racing and promoting mountain biking at their school.  Very cool.

After about an hour of trail cruising, we're back at our starting spot, ending the ride with a slow race across one of the St Ed's green lawns.  Last one across the line wins, no dabs.  Foot down and you're out.  Matt, current teammate taking the win.  A bit of closing yapping, answering questions, handing out league pamphlets 'n' stickers, and we call it a day.  Photo above as proof, courtesy of coach Troy.

Overall, I'd call the ride a success and expect to see some of these kids on our team come spring...

How to be a Mountain Biker - Video

This video has been bouncing around Facebook between riding pals of mine.  For a good reason - pretty well done and proof real life is stranger then fiction...