Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday in the Park

Took a little trip to the park yesterday - as in Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park - located in Issaquah. We've been there a few times now and always have a great time. A few short XC loops, mixed in wooden stunt structures, jumps - big and small, skinnies, and a pump track. A little something for everyone. An awesome spot to hit and very popular with a wide range of riders; from armor clad freeride/jumper types, to XC riders, to families riding together. And lots of kids. Kids dig this place. Even "big kids" like me.

Old pal Brian and neighbor Dan joined Ian and I for the fun. We buzzed around for three hours or so, hit all the XC trails - some a few times, and messed around with the other attractions. Rained a little, sun later popped out, we all get a little muddy. All around good clean fun.

Ian get his balance down on the practice skinny. A few inches off the ground, piece of cake. A few feet off the ground, another universe.

Old school XC Dork me hits the skinnies. Though you can't tell by my rusty skills now, I used to ride a little observed trials back in the day.

Ian hits the pump track for the first time, this one being new since our last visit. Fantastic fun watching his skills progress. He floundered around for a few minutes, then was almost lapping sans pedaling - the whole point of a pump track. After a few minutes, said his arms were toast. I asked how would he like something like this in the backyard. "Yeah?" Ah sorry, chance of the wife approving that project is slim to none.

Riding cohorts for the day. Son Ian, neighbor Dan, and old pal Brian. I dig riding with people from all over the map - different ages, abilities, equipment and riding style. There is no wrong answer and all for fun.

As we were loading up for the trip home, caught this little dude ready to head out with his family. The future of it all.

After a morning of riding, yakking and playing; all of us hit Chipolte in Issaquah, our usual post Duthie chow down spot. Sun was out, outside table, no rush. Sound like a good day? Yeah, it was for sure.


  1. I was pondering your comment "A few feet off the ground, another universe" I've was thinking I could do cartwheels down a side walk, or ride my bike zig zag back and forth. Now put that sidewalk 150 feet in the air. I could barely crawl across it. Perception sure effects alot.

  2. Yeah, this "new school" (though now years old) riding obstacles is pretty crazy. The wooden structures are kind of goofy, but fun. I'd rather ride then be a carpenter...

    Some of the lower stunts I'll give a go, the higher ones - no thanks. However, riding at Duthie makes me wanna get a longer travel bike, some knee/shin guards, full face helmet - and change my riding style a bit.

    Lucky for me, and my insurance deductible - unaffordable at the moment.