Sunday, May 15, 2011

'Cross Bike Shake Down

First real ride for Ian on his new 'cross bike we picked up many weeks ago. After swapping the Continental 25c tires and SPD pedals from my currently dead 'cross/commuter, adjusting the seat height and a few other tweaks - we headed to the local trail for short shake down session. We also broke out the rest of Ian's JL Velo kit to make the road scene look official. I even popped the visor off his helmet. Every culture has its uniform...

Ian flies with the birds, looking pro.

In a few short years, this will be my only view, as he rides me off his wheel.

That's my boy, all of 11 years old. Super cool, fun stuff for him. Me too.

My little Pro. Our turn around point for the ride.

Coach, sponsor, mechanic, bottle washer - that be me. This shot officially titled "Dork Boy. King of the Sheds". Whatever that means...

Quick 10 mile cruise, before the rain hit. Well, the rain actually did hit, soaking us for the last two miles or so. I'm really glad I washed my bike this morning. Yeah, that was worth it. The Redline 'cross machine seems to fit Ian well. With room to raise the seat post and installing a longer stem, hoping to get a few months of use out of this bike.

Ian mentioned it feels faster then his mountain bike. At times he was moving 17 - 20 mph quite easily, so I'd have to agree. Bike still feels "twitchy" to him, that should disappear with more time on it. First time riding with real bike shorts as well, verses his usual baggy mountain bike shorts. They were riding up and bugging him a bit, a little loose on his skinny 11 year old legs. I better pile on the pasta ASAP.

A short, but fun mini-adventure for the afternoon. We'll work some longer road rides into the picture to compliment his usual mountain biking. Later, the 'cross tires will be remounted and some practice for 'cross season this fall. More great adventures await.


  1. I hope to be able to look back at your blog when Ian is riding for a U23 team somewhere and see were he got his start.

    I hope Ian is liking those douple tap shifters.. I love them !

  2. We'll see if his interest remains. We're still pretty casual with all this - all about having fun at this point.

    He got used to the SRAM shifters pretty quick. Then again, nothing to compare against, first road bike set up for him.

    On the mountain bike side, when younger, went from single speed to Grip Shift, then to Shimano XTR shifters with no issues. Kids adapt pretty quick to change.

  3. ahhh Cross bike, Ian might not want to get off that bike, my fav. Keep the Ian reports coming in.