Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hunqapillar Video - Rivendell Style

Caught this cool little video - actually, cool isn't the right word. Pleasant fits better. I caught this pleasant little video off the Rivendell site. It's a promo for their mountain bike model, the Hunqapillar. An old school and dare I say, a bit retro mountain bike. Nothing wrong with that, and certainly fits the Rivendell style.

Also in typical Rivendell style, their "advertising" sells bicycling itself more then bicycles. And that's something other bicycle companies have trouble pulling off, even with expensive marketing types and big budgets. Grant Petersen and the Rivendell gang pull this off with low budget ease. Why? Because they're the real deal. This kind of thing seems to flow from Rivendell, 'cause it's not forced or made up. It's real.

I get a kick out of the video, since it focuses on fun and just being outside with your bike. There's no race posturing, imaging, or pretending. Something many cyclists are guilty of - me included - even though that's part of the schtick I sometimes enjoy. To each his own.

The Hunqapiller reminds me a bit, at least in spirit, of my first mountain bike back in 1984. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, something to be celebrated. Simple but capable bike, street clothes, no helmet, maybe some P&B sandwiches in that saddlebag. Out for a cruise, enjoy the view, stop for a bit to soak it all in.

In the end, that's really what it's all about.


  1. I would love to ride those trails.

  2. Rivendell is based out of Northern California. Some sweet looking trails for sure. I can't complain though - we have some killer sweet trails here in Washington as well.