Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Idiots 'R' Them

Yesterday, I'm cruising home from work on the Burke-Gilman Trail. Riding no hands, sitting bolt upright at maybe 17 mph, just daydreaming and rolling at a slow pace.

That shattered in an instant, when racer wannabe passes on the right, using the one foot of pavement between me and the grass. He's doing about 25 mph and I grab my 'bars as he startles me. His handlebars miss hooking mine by two inches. WTF? He's on the drops and hauls past in a blur.

As he goes by, I yell out "Pretty f@%@ing stupid!" and take off after him. He never turns around or acknowledges me, but does crank up the speed a bit. I'm soon on his wheel, he can hear me and powers on, head down in the drops. At one point he almost lost it when his front wheel dropped off the edge of the trail into the grass. I never said anything else and by now had enough and came to my senses. Plus the fact I was suffering to stay on his wheel. I end the stupidity and coast back to cruise mode.

Wide open trail, goof ball passes me on the right, with no room to spare or verbal warning. Ridiculous. I'd be even more hacked nursing a broken collarbone or other injury if this guy took me out. A stupid way to be sidelined for a few weeks. I'm super tolerant of people making dumb mistakes and pretty downright friendly to all, especially on the bike. People who know me would agree. This little moronic maneuver really ticked me off however.

Hopefully he thought it was all worth the risk; while gracing the podium crowning him King of the Burke-Gilman Trail. Race on dude - you're awesome. An awesome idiot.

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