Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Powerhitter in Action

Time for a federally mandated rock break from all things bicycle related. Behold the heavy riffs of Powerhitter. Old Mackie Designs pals Brian Stan on guitar and Kevin Johnson pulling drumming duty. Their pal, Ripe Magooder - yes, Ripe Magooder - on bass. I mentioned seeing 'em live a few weeks ago, now video proof courtesy of YouTube.

After viewing; 11 year old son Ian, now a rap listener, declared it "Almost as bad as Motorhead." Amy, my 7 year old daughter in a sarcastic tone, "What, this is it? No singing? Bye." The band may incorporate this into marketing material...

Despite my offspring's rejection, I dig it - being a fan of heavier music. Give it a whirl.

Oh yeah, besides being an old mountain bike pal, Brian is also a fantastic skateboarder. Click here for proof.


  1. That could add some petro to the pedals....

  2. Yes, crunchy metal riffs will always add some power to the pedals. No doubt about that.