Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trek Demo Day

Trek rolled into town today - town being St. Edward State Park, my local woods - to let the masses test ride various Trek and Gary Fisher bikes.  They don't have every model available, but a decent sampling of road and mountain bikes to try out.  These gigs are always fun, 'cause you can test ride for real - on actual trails - for mountain bikes anyway.  Trek dudes probably wouldn't be happy with you 'cross testing a new Madone - though those were available for test rides as well.  Stick to the pavement on the Madone, even if Lance occasionally field tests one.

Speaking of Trek dudes, my pal Kurt, is the local Trek rep - nice guy and always gives me advanced warning the Trek truck is headed this way.  Kurt and I used to be neighbors, he's since moved out to a more rural location.  After knowing Kurt, I almost feel guilty not riding a Trek myself.  I try to increase the bike karma by letting a bunch of folks know the demo is on its way.

Son Ian, neighbor Dan, and yours truly rode over to check things out. Dan, recreational rider and Whistler downhill guy, wanted to check out some long travel bikes.  Me, XC geek and wanna-be roadie, always interested in the more race oriented stuff.  Ian doesn't care - he just wants to ride.  Super nice day and a pretty good turn out.  The Trek dudes were busy for sure.

Red shirt Kurt giving the Trek lowdown.

People kicking tires and mentally checking bank accounts.  Guy in back mocking me is old mountain bike pal, Tom - from the BBTC days.

I took this Trek 69er single speed for a nice romp.  26" rear wheel, 29" front wheel and count 'em, one gear.  My second whole ride on a single speed and I can see why people like 'em - well, some people.  I found myself riding faster on this then my own bike - you have no choice.  Stand up and crank away as required.  Light and snappy too. Huge fun.  My local trails are perfect for this bike.  If I had the dough, would add one to the garage.  Use it as my only mountain bike?  No way.  For some rides though, would be great.  Please send money.

This bike was sweet also.  5" travel carbon EX, perfect do everything bike.  Use this as my only mountain bike?  No problem.  I enjoyed the test ride and thought it was 4" travel bike, until Kurt corrected me. That's how well it pedaled and climbed.  Super nice, all around mountain bike.

Ian cruising the trails with us.  He's always climbed well, but lately has been getting much faster overall.

Neighbor Dan checking out the long travel Session model Trek.  8" travel fork complete overkill for these trails, but perfect for Whistler.

Ian and I mug for the camera.  In a few years, I'll be chasing him.

Yet another fun day in our local woods - riding with friends, checking out new bikes, and just general two wheel, good clean fun.  People who don't ride have no idea what they're missing.

Over and out.....

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