Friday, May 13, 2011

All Around Fluffy Bike Goodness

Yesterday's commute was chock full of fluffy bicycle goodness. Our coldest April on record appears to be continuing into May. A balmy 44 degrees when I rolled out of the driveway, sunny however, not bad at all. Thank you very much.

On the way in, ran into fellow Ibis Guy, Mark, on the trail. He had the full family in tow; with wife and daughter on the tandem, himself on the old school Hakkalugi, and six year old son piloting a brand new Redline - his birthday present that very day. All of 'em headed to work or school via bike. If that doesn't put a smile on your bike lovin' face, nothing will.

After a hectic day at work, complete with internal interview for possible new job, I change into superhero riding costume for the spin home. Sorta like a skinnier, older version of Superman. I also can't leap tall buildings in a single bound or stop bullets with my teeth.

I stopped by the Cascade club shindig along the Burke-Gilman Trail, all part of the Commute Challenge festivities. Picked up my official Team Captain shirt, reflective bands for my team (to potentially win prizes), a few maps and water bottles, plus a free ice tea sample to chug on the ride home. Combined with almost 60 degree sunny weather, many happy faces, and bikes everywhere. How do we stand it?

I played around with camera while buzzing home...

For all my old school "steel is real" blabbering, I really dig my carbon Ibis. Stupid light and rides incredibly well. Carbon fiber really is the wonder material - as in I wonder if the carbon steerer tube is cracked and waiting to explode into shards. Let's not go there...

Living up to my motto: Look Pro. Go Slow.

Legs feel like February. It's May. I have some work to do. My shock treatment training plan in full swing. Go from near zero to 150+ miles a week ASAP. Legs feel like overcooked linguine most mornings. By afternoon, ready to roll. Sorta. A big lunch plate of spicy teriyaki chicken assists with the healing process. I think so anyway (burp).

Sunset over the Sammamish Slough. Not counting the nice steep climb to my neighhorhood, almost home.

With that, we now conclude this installment of bike fluff. Stay tuned for more fluffy installments as time and interest warrants. Same fluff time, same fluff channel.


  1. Bicycle goodness, is the bestest.
    Oh, and what you said about carbon, my fear too, exploding into shards.
    I am thee fan of metal, alum or miss c. molly.

  2. I have no real favorite frame material, have owned steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Have test ridden some titanium bikes, but never owned one.

    Out of all the bikes I've owned, the carbon bike rides the nicest - I must admit - no getting around it. I do occasionally worry about the horror stories you see on the 'net. Most of 'em involve fork failures, I'm not worried about the frame breaking. When it comes down it, almost all bikes run carbon forks - even if the frame is made of something else.

    Bike goodness indeed. The Seattle area is a great place to be a cyclist, no doubt - I'm lucky. However, there's a bike scene, big or small, almost everywhere. I'm fascinated by the wide open areas and gravel roads you picture and describe on your blog. It's all good.