Friday, June 5, 2009

Rest Day

It's summer time and the riding is easy.  Well, its not officially summer yet, but sure feels like it.  I've been on a roll and have only missed a few days riding over the last few weeks.  I'm out of my winter slump and spring allergy hell - can feel fitness returning.  The "motor" feeling as I call it.  Can cruise at a decent clip without trying and feel slightly punchy on hills.  You can't buy that feeling for a million bucks.  Well, maybe you can - since you could quit your job and ride more.

I did drive to work today though - legs needed a break.  It's been a few weeks since I've started my car, so I'm expecting a call from Al Gore any minute now - probably from his private jet.

Here's a few exciting photos from my commute:

Empty bike rack leans away from parking rate info - like a anti-magnetic force.  Nothing more enjoyable then forking out a few bucks a day for parking.  This is the cheapest lot I can find near work and it requires a 15 minute walk to my building.  Nothing wrong with walking, except when it adds 30 minutes to your workday - sort of a little extra punishment for driving.  Still better then paying the parking rate for my building - about $15 daily.  Ouch.

View on the way home, complete with cracked windshield and commanding view of SUV.  The red lights however, do give you time to pause and reflect - on how much you miss riding to work.

Ahhh, much better.  View from previous commute.  Which would you pick?

I'm not anti-car, actually bit of a (recovering) gear head.  Driving is fun - sitting in traffic and paying for parking - doesn't qualify as fun.

Bikes however, are the most fun of all.  Oh yeah - no doubt about that.

Ride on.

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