Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day on Tiger Mountain

To escape the Funhouse, Ian and I drove over to Tiger Mountain State Forest for some mountain biking.  I haven't ridden Tiger Mountain in over 10 years and since Ian has never seen it - thought it would be fun.  Years ago, used to hit this place once a week or so, with some Mackie Designs coworkers and pals.  We'd do the fire road climb, dive down the Preston Trail, ride the NW Timber Trail to the Iverson Trail, then back to the car.

A quick glance at John Zilly's Kissing the Trail guide confirmed the route, since my aging brain was a little fuzzy on the details.  Driving out to Issaquah, watched a storm move over Tiger Mountain - complete with lightening - then blow over.  By the time we finished lunch, the sun was back out.

We fuel up on tacos and burritos before the ride.  The food of champions.

We continue the drive to the trailhead off Highway 18 - unload bikes and start riding up the dirt road climb.  After a few miles of rolling climbs, start descending - this doesn't seem right.  I remember the climb to the Preston Trail being uphill the entire way.  We ask some people hiking if the Preston Trail is ahead - they have no idea.  Run into some older guy on a electric converted mountain bike - he has no idea.  Ian is convinced it's farther ahead, he remembers the map.  Ian is usually great with maps, so we descend a little farther - then I pulled the plug and had us turn around.  If not correct, don't want a fried 9 year old rider suffering climbing back out.  The climb back out was a grind, but Ian pulled it off.

On the way back, we did cut into the Iverson Trail for a little singletrack fun.  Ian enjoyed that - much more interesting then grinding up a steep dirt road.  Ian's technical skills have grown quite a bit and he flowed right over the roots and rocks without a problem.  At one point I floundered a bit and he lost me for a few minutes.  When I caught him, waiting at the end, he asks, "That's as fast as you can ride that?"  Gee - sorry to hold you up, laughing to myself.

Ian does the Iverson Trail

Dad does the Iverson Trail

It was getting late, around 6:45 PM, so we backtracked the Iverson - then continued the dirt road back to the car.  Checking Zilly's book again, saw where we screwed up.  We climbed the wrong road out of the parking area - the road that headed to Poo Poo Point, not the Preston Trail.  Whoops.  Yes, Poo Poo Point - if you think that's funny, imagine how funny it is to a 9 year old.  I told Ian we'd try the Preston Trail again another time.

Still, we did 10+ miles with lots of climbing.  Not all fun, but pretty good for a 9 year old - no?

Since the Funhouse kitchen is still out of commission, we grabbed a pizza on the way home.  Amy and Lori hit a movie and did their own dinner thing.  Everyone has their own idea of fun.

Happy Father's Day.

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