Saturday, June 6, 2009

Three Hour Tour

A three hour tour today - the weather didn't get rough, Gilligan and the Professor were nowhere to be found.  The Minnow wasn't lost and we didn't have to build a radio out of coconuts - or be trapped in reruns that ran through the '70s.

It actually turned out to be a two hour tour, featuring a different cast of characters.  Son Ian, coworker Jay, neighbor Dan, new guy Kevin, and uh, me.  New guy Kevin just moved up from Southern California and was inquiring about getting a St Ed Park tour on the Evergreen email list.  I said sure, come on down - just don't pick door number 3.

The ride also was to console Ian, who skipped Indie Series race # 4 today, to attend a school pal's birthday party later in the day.  A tough choice for a 9 year old - birthday party won out, even if some second guessing this morning.  Too late for that.  It's not easy being a little mountain bike racer.

We did some easy cruising pointing out a few trails in St Eds and O Denny parks.  We let Ian dictate the pace and he was feeling a little tired today - though he did clean a few nice logs and the entire switch back climb out of the secret gully.  Coworker Jay, a fairly new mountain biker has picked up some additional skills.  New guy Kevin commented on riding through actual trees - instead the barren wasteland that is Southern California.  Somewhere along the way, neighbor Dan disappeared without a trace.  No real concern, he's ridden these trails a zillion times.  I did call his wife when we got home, she rang his cell and all was well.  No owl attacks or endos involved.

Son Ian, Coworker Jay and New Guy Kevin stand around looking bored, yet mildly amused.  Neighbor Dan was MIA at this point.

Some of our local terrain is so technical - the trees grow sideways. Here Ian defies gravity on the "Plank of Death".  Either that, or I'm an idiot getting used to a new camera.  You can't shoot video in portrait mode - whoops.  Crunchy audio is probably due to finger over mic. Yup, Hollywood should be calling any day now.  Any day....

This concludes my ultra exciting, multimedia, action packed report.  I know there's a vast audience out there tuning in.  I thank all three or four of you....

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