Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wallet

I've been using this wallet since the '80s - don't remember exactly when.  It's hammered, conformed perfectly to my ass - left cheek - and now a running gag, while being sort of a living art project.  An art project to be enjoyed daily by everyone involved.

I have new wallets - never been used.  Why ruin all this with a new wallet?  Spoil the cheap entertainment when I pull it out to pay for something?  No longer have friends ask to actually see "The Wallet"? I think not.  Joke with my son, that one day "The Wallet" will be his. This can't be stopped.

Today at Starbucks - Washington State law requires every resident to visit at least once a week - some business dude in a suit spied my wallet, while I was paying for my overpriced ice tea.  "Nice wallet" he says - not sure if he was impressed, horrified, or just being sarcastic. I then told him the story of "The Wallet"  and how I planned to be buried with it.

I can't stop the joy "The Wallet" provides for family, friends and strangers.

No, it must go on forever....


  1. Side benefit: the panhandlers give *you* money when you pull out that wallet.

  2. That hasn't happened yet - but I'm hoping. Maybe in time, "The Wallet" will start generating income.

    Yes - that would be the dream......