Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dance Recitals and Campy Delta Brakes

I've been swamped at work and home, meaning the blog has been idle for a week now.  That's not good, need to do my part in filling up the Internet.  Remember - it's only a exhibition, not a competition - please, no wagering.

I took today off from riding - woke up late, a little hammered from the last two days of riding, plus my back is tweaked out a bit.  Riding home on Monday, I felt pretty good and cruised at 20-22 mph for quite awhile.  For me (Al Franken), that's fast.  Also spotted, then rode with some kid on a cool vintage Pinarello, complete with Campy Record Delta brakes.  You don't see those often.  I thought about asking the kid to stop, so I could snap some pictures - but felt kind of goofy about it and didn't.  That's rare for me - goofy is usually not a problem.

Over the weekend, my 5 year old daughter Amy had a dance recital. A very big deal for her and mom - lots of practice, special dress, flowers, pictures, dance on a real stage - the whole shindig. 

Friday was a full dress dry run, then the real deal on Saturday to a packed house.  Loads of insanely cute little girls involved with the program.  Of course Ian whined and complained about the whole thing, but I guess that's normal for a 9 year old brother.  By coincidence, coworker of mine - his daughter is in the same class as Amy and they danced together - that was great.  On top of that, one of Amy's little friends recently joined the class and danced also.  A fun time for all.

After the recital, a celebration at Ruby's Dinner - Amy's choice.  It's fun having a girly-girl daughter to balance out the activities we enjoy with Ian - very different worlds.

We're very fortunate parents to have such cool kids.

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