Monday, June 8, 2009

Float Like a Blog. Sting Like a Bee.

It's been about 6 months since I've started this little Blog-O-Rama project.  I enjoy it - an outlet and learning experience - cool stuff.  A few people seem to follow it, I've received some positive comments, and made some online bike pals in the process.  It's all good.

Pictures above from my commute this morning - much different conditions from my first post - taken in the same spot.  60 degrees and sunny instead of freezing temps with ice and snow.  Both still fun in their own way.

On the commute home, received a bee sting in the stomach area - right through my bike jersey.  Little bastard must have gotten caught between my messenger bag strap and body - then zapped me.  I never found the culprit, but know what a bee sting feels and looks like. Lucky - not much swelling and no big deal.

Nice weather is supposed to continue for a few more days.  I'm digging riding my carbon Ibis in the sun.

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