Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Old School Fisher

This old school Fisher has been in the bike room at work lately.  With the Biopace chainrings, under chainstay mounted U-Brake and top mount shifters - mid '80s vintage.  Biopace and chainstay brakes proved to be a dumb idea that faded quick.  The old Fisher logos look cool though.  They were forced to name their bikes "Gary Fisher" after pressure from the Fischer ski company later on.  A little fun fact to bore your friends with at parties.  The ladies will be impressed.

It's great to see these old bikes put to good use - especially commuting.  The woman who rides it borrowed the bike from a friend to take part in the commuter challenge last month.  The event is over and she's still riding it - very cool to see.

I get a kick out of seeing it in the bike room.  It could be hanging in a garage somewhere collecting dust - instead of getting a new bike commuter to work and back.  A noble use for an old mountain bike.

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