Thursday, June 13, 2013

Washington Student League - Race # 3

The race continues to get this little ol' blog updated.  The racing also continues, well continued, for the fine young lads on my junior high team. Race # 3 of the Washington Student League series took place on May 5th, hence my timely, but aged, report on the festivities.

Without further ado, actual photos and rambling comments about the day...

Under a blazing sun, temps in the 80s to broil everyone.  After the usual chilly Pacific Northwest winter and spring, jumping to 80 degrees not easy.  Hot 'N' Dusty was the order of the day.  Race venue being 360 Park, located in scenic Gig Harbor, Washington.  First time there for son Ian and I.  Always cool to ride somewhere new.

Zane, Jack, and Dylan ponder the start and damage retinas with bright yellow shirts.

Don't tread on me.

Zane battles the heat and dust.  This kid always puts in a great effort - awesome.

Dylan on the attack.  Fantastic effort that earned him a 3rd place podium spot for the day.  Our best team results so far for the series.  Very nice indeed.

My son Ian, showing a glimpse of his former junior level racing form, rode in for 5th place.  Great job.

Jack does a little sand surfing.  Course a mixture of double and singletrack, fun loop to enjoy for all.

Scotty races through the woods in his second ever mountain bike race.

Post race discussion courtesy of Zane, Dylan and Jack.  Yeah, it was hot and tough out there.

A wave of high schoolers hits the course.

This kid is ripping it.  Check out the mini roosts coming off the wheels.  Cool!

Will, member of our partner high school team, with some corner blur action.

Brandon, also on the high school team, looking good.  I dig this pic, if I can say so myself, shooting races is a blast.

Welcome to Wheelie Town, this kid will be your tour guide.

What it's all about.  Will and fellow racer showing some start line good sportsmanship.

Fun day that ended on slightly bad note, my son Ian overdoing it in the heat.  Pre-ride, then race effort, followed by hanging out in the sun for hours, topped off by another lap of the course for the rec ride.  Wheels fell off the wagon during the last ride - toasted and nauseous - so we took the shortest route back.  Water, shade, then loaded him up ASAP to hit the road for home.

After a stop for pizza and more liquids, passed out in the car, and woke up feeling okay.  Yikes.  Besides that little misadventure, a pretty successful day for all.  Mountain bike racing is quite the adventure.

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