Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Say Hello to the Team

As I alluded to a few posts back, I jumped in feet first getting involved with a mountain bike student league - program part of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.  Attended a coaching conference in January, recruiting kids over the last few weeks, along with related planning and communication.  Well, today it all officially kicked off with our first team practice.  Welcome to the team.  Plenty of Rain 'N' Mud included at no extra charge.

Ten kids total on the team (so far), photo proof above.  Woman in orange is Marne, local woman racer assisting with coaching - cool - and glad to have her help and knowledge.  All these kids in junior high, that means 7th - 8th grade for this area.  Most of 'em appear to have previous mountain biking experience.  Scotty, one of Ian's basketball teammates and pretty new to this mountain bike gig also aboard.  Fantastic!

Ian and I actually rode with Scotty and his dad, Larry, last Sunday - this being Larry's first ever dirt ride - piloting my vintage Fat Chance on loan. Guess they dug it, since Scotty checked out practice today and signed on right afterwards.

Practice was a mix of introductions, a brake skill drill, then a shared ride for 40 minutes or so.    Misty rain and wet trails greeted all.  Kids rode great, no problems.  Should be a cool little adventure we're all starting here.  Much more to follow...  

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