Sunday, June 30, 2013

Backfire Moto Motorcycle Night

I hit the monthly Backfire gig recently for the first time - had the day off work, good weather - excuse to take a few pics and gawk at bikes. Event reminiscent of the monthly VME shindig on Roosevelt Ave I'd hit regularly a few years ago, when my garage held a few motorcycles of my own - including my '97 Triumph Speed Triple, that I still miss.  I'll weep silently in the corner.

Backfire Moto held in a Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, good location for such festivities.  Semi light industrial area, yet with places to grab some food and beverages.  Talked to some cool folks and checked over interesting bikes.  This scene focused on cafe racers, vintage iron, and the occasional rat bike.

Actual photo proof...

Hot rod Harley.

Appears to be a modified Yamaha SR500.  Pretty cool.

Interesting vintage Moto Guzzi, first time I've seen this model.

Very clean Norton Commando, one a few spotted at the event.

Trick looking modified Moto Guzzi.

Well done small Honda cafe racer, not sure what model it's based on, but looks great.

Anvil and hammer required.

Yamaha RD400, circa '76, nicely modded.  I super dig these bikes, owned a '73 and '75 RD350 in the early '80s.  I still like to own a RD350 or RD400 today.

Old Honda CBs never die, thanks to the hipster cafe scene.

Plated and street legal KTM looking very orange 'n' dirty.

Careful, bikes can bite...

Yet another Norton.  See?  Says so right on the tank...

Insanely modified Alfa Romeo cruising the area.  Only caught it turning around, would have liked to grab a closer look.

Immortalized in Ballard.

Mark your calenders...

My favorite bike of the night, hence the many pics - very modified Honda CBX.  Old school six cylinder sport bike, mated with modern Ducati single sided swingarm, modern fork and wheels/brakes.  Who knows what this thing actually handles like - looks fantastic anyway.

Funky, yet cool looking BMW.

Classic Norton soaking up the scene.

Who said motorcycles are dangerous?...

Super clean Kawasaki KZ900.

Yes please, pristine Yamaha RZ350.  I almost bought one new in '85 and used in '91.  Should have...

Early BMW GS rests comfortably on center stand, chats with Triumph on the right.  I'd take one of these over a new GS.  Sized for actual humans and missing about 100 pounds of "technology".

Not a bad way to spend a few hours milling around gawking and gabbing about motorcycles.  Even ran into some old mountain bike/motorcycle pals doing the exact same thing.  Two wheels are two wheels.  Over and out...

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