Saturday, June 8, 2013

Washington Student League - Race # 2

Hot off the presses, race report from the second race of the Washington Student League series.  Race took place on April 28th - so uh - maybe not that hot.  We'll call it lukewarm - okay - cold off the presses.

Better late then never as they say, whoever they is.  Race venue was held on some military property near Tacoma, Washington.  Joint Base Lewis McChord to be semi-exact.  Mixture of dirt roads and singletrack greeted the racers, along with decent weather.

Racer Boy Son, Ian, actually raced on this property a few years ago for a cyclocross race - exactly when - a blur at this point.  He elected to skip this race, so no revisit for him.  With or without Ian, me being coach, a revisit was in store for me.

A few Pics 'N' Words from the day.  For the record, kids in bright yellow t-shirts on my junior high team, neon orange shirts belong to our partner high school team.  All others assorted racers from other schools...

Zane stands tall on the start line. 

One of the many starting waves of kids hitting the course.  It gets a bit steeper shortly.

See?  I told you it gets steeper.  My boys in yellow, from left to right: Jack, Sean, Andy, and Dylan. 

The fun continues.  Jack powers towards the top, Sean in push mode, Zane spins his way up.  Mountain bike racin' ain't easy.

Sean makes his way up the start hill.  Also his first ever mountain bike race - great job.

Jack blurs the course with speed. 

Under a glaring spring sun, Zane crosses the finish line. 

 Brandon and Will get ready to rumble in the fast high school division.

 Anders rolling the 29er in the high school class.

High school racer Zac clears the log pile. 

Brandon railing the singletrack section. 

This tight right hander claimed a few victims. 

Lots of fast kids abound, boys and girls.

Everyone rode and raced well.  Will put some extra icing on the cake with 3rd place podium finish.  Awesome.

Fun day all around and a great experience for all.  Super cool to see these young racers, experienced or not, give the course and fellow competitors a go.  Until next time...

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