Friday, June 14, 2013

Washington Student League - Race # 4

Gather 'round kids, to hear about the final race of the Washington Student League series.  The fourth and final gig held at Washougal Motocross Park, located strangely enough in Washougal, Washington.  Being about a 4 hour drive, all of the team elected to head down a day early, grabbing nearby hotel rooms.  Kudos to the supporting parents who put the time and expense into this race adventure.  I'd also be on that list, Ian and I heading down early for a father/son road trip.

We arrived Saturday afternoon at the track, our first trip ever to Washougal.  Being the ex motocross guy, I was looking forward to checking the place out.  Turned out to be the beautiful plot of land and race course, cool set up.  During the Saturday pre-ride and hanging out with the team, track sound system blasting classic rock.  Time warp for me, place reminiscent of tracks I raced at in Pennsylvania during the late '70s, Led Zeppelin booming across the green grass and brown dirt.  Except now, 30 years later on bicycles and a son of my own.  Time flies.

After the Saturday pre-ride and memory lane throw back, we headed to the hotel to change and grab some dinner.  Most of the team staying at the same place, we assembled for a team dinner in town.  Well, sorta.  No place big enough to seat us all, so we broke into a few groups and split in different locations.  So, more like team walk followed by dinner.  Close enough.

After a cloudy and wet Saturday, race day Sunday was sunny and perfect.  Yes please.  We now switch from rambling dialog to photos complete with rambling comments...

Junior high boys ready to roll.  My "Northshore Knobbies" blinding all in yellow.

Off they go up the semi-steep pavement start. 

Ian leads the team up the start hill.  Go team go... 

Fast high school girl - number 1 plate as proof. 

Andy grabs some air at speed.

Matt bombs the downhill.  Last race of the series, but first race ever for Matt.  Nice job. 

Jack goes with the flow.  Funny, likable kid - fun to have on the team.

Andy pulls off a 6th place finish, best on our team for the day.  Great job! 

Sean out on the Rough 'N' Bumpy course.  None of it on the actual motocross track, but cut across it at times - looping into nearby woods and meadows.  Tough but fun course.

Zane sprints hard across the finish line.  Doesn't matter what place he's in, goes all out.  Great stuff. 

Ian at speed, despite droopy knee warmers... 

Most scenic venue of the series was a motocross track.  Who knew? 

Ian powers over the finish line.  After a fast start, faded towards the back.  I'm still proud of him, mountain bike racing ain't easy... 

Some high school boys looking pro.

Traffic in the S curve.  Film at eleven.

The finishing climb. 

A few of the kids who hung around for the awards ceremony.  Cool, eh? 

After the dust cleared, my team scored second overall for the series.  Fantastic way to end the season.  I'm proud of 'em all.

Great weekend to cap off the series.  Oh yeah, I also raced in the "Coach's Race" held to celebrate the end of it all.  Two painful laps around the bumpy and hilly course.  Ill prepared I was, cruising in for DFL.  Ouch, but still had fun.  Cool way to end the season.

The racing may be over, but we still had a few rides and events on the team agenda.  More to follow...

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