Friday, June 28, 2013

Washington Student League - Final Chapter for 2013

We now officially conclude our Washington Student League team - Northshore Middle School Composite - for the season.  Well, as of a few weeks ago, call me late to the blogging party.  The "Northshore Knobbies" now shelved until 2014.

We Rode 'N' Raced from March into June, it all went pretty well.  Good group of kids, parents, and adult volunteers.  

Before we pulled the plug, squeezed in a few more outings...

Trail work party on our home trails of Saint Edward - Big Finn Hill.  We had a great turnout, pic missing a few folks who also pitched in.  Pic and work party organization courtesy of Tom Fitzpatrick, who's very involved with keeping mountain bikers welcome on our local trails.  Tom also assisted us on team rides and his grandson was on the team.

Then another team outing to Duthie Hill mountain bike park.  This place always a hit with the kids, young and old...

Ian, that be my son, launches off a practice jump - while Jack watches from below.

Ian, Zane, and Steve hit the berms on Bootcamp - that even makes old school me feel like the flowmaster.  Steve is dad to Jack, and happens to own Recycled Cycles in Seattle.

Andy going with the flow.

Jack shows off his levitation skills.

Ian with a little pre-load jump action.

Dylan brought his DH bike to festivities and showed off his jumping skills.

Only place to go is up.  Old school XC me - no thanks...

Pacific Northwest trees and sunny skies.

Dylan hits the wall ride.

Finally, to cap off the season, team ride at Tiger Mountain.  Tiger is a local classic, 3+ mile steep dirt road climb - then miles of twisty, rooty, rocky, singletrack.  About 14 miles total, the real deal - including the new section at the very top - new school berms and rollers, mixing with existing rough XC trail.  All good fun and fun for all.  Followed by a team meal in Issaquah, nice way to end the season.

Crappy iPhone video of Andy and Ian hitting a section at Tiger.  Better then nothing...

And with that - we're done!  Quickly worded conclusion to it all.  I've never run anything like this before, so learned a lot.  I was extremely lucky and had some cool folks assist with team, couldn't have done this alone.  The kids seemed to enjoy it, they certainly got faster as the weeks progressed.  Parent comments were positive, so all around, think it went okay.

Adios 2013 season, see you in 2014...

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