Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time Measured in Shoes

Being the dad of a fast growing 13 year old Rider 'N' Racer, we've been through a few pairs of clipless shoes - as displayed above - in chronological order.  Not exactly a cheap proposition.  Spin the wheel and take your chances, on how long each pair will last.  Sometimes his feet seem to grow overnight, if not sooner.

Each pair tell a story and reflect the era used, especially for the short time span spent spinning in circles.  From left to right, the evolution of a cyclist and growing young man...

Specialized, euro size 40, purchased from my pals at Bicycles West.  Closeout deal from the Seattle Bike Expo back in 2011.  Agree or not, going clipless is a sign of becoming a serious cyclist, Ian moving away from sneakers and platform pedals.  Like most kids being a sponge at learning new things, appeared to master 'em in a matter of minutes.  Pretty cool for 11 years old.  More amazing, about a year worth of use outta 'em.  Plenty of fun rides and races via SPD connection to the pedals.

Northwave Sparta, euro size 41.5, team deal bargain from 2012.  Shoes worked well, though after a few months of use, not enough room for growing feet.  Various rides and races - mountain bike and cyclocross - powered through the Northwave soles.

Northwave Striker, euro size 42, team deal again - bought both pair of Northwave shoes at the same time.  Smart move. "Dad, my shoes don't fit", and quickly pull out the stored pair.  These in bad ass, look at me I'm pro, white.  Unfortunately, only worn a few times due to a riding slump and yet even bigger feet.  Maybe two fun rides and one 'cross race.

Pearl Izumi, euro size 46, from local REI.  After discovering the latest pair of Northwave shoes not longer fit the bill, uh, feet - a scramble to find something before the first student league mountain bike practice.  Now worn a whopping two times, while riding today, Ian mentioned they're already feeling a little tight.

It never ends...

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