Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Cyclocross - The Season Begins

Cyclocross season officially kicked off for us today. Son Ian signed on to race, both of us signed on to volunteer - since the proceeds from this event benefit his team's JDT - that stands for Junior Development Team. And that stands for getting kids riding and racing bikes, which is always a good thing. Our volunteer time was designated for parking lot patrol, regulation reflective vests included. After an hour plus directing folks to park in some sort of order, let the racing begin.

Oh yeah, this event billed as the 2011 Labor Day Cyclocross Championship, which I'm sure has a sarcastic tone to it. Ian reminded me he raced this event a few years ago, in the kiddie class, with a t-shirt as proof. That event was held at SeaTac, this year a new venue - some gravel pit near Milton. An interesting site for a race. To add to the - uh, gravel - temps in the high '80s. Our long lost Pacific Northwest summer making a late arrival.

In my usual alleged style of assorted photos and semi-readable sentences, some views from the day...

Since this race is run and supported by Northwest Velo/JL Velo, to assist the JDT, lots of kids showed up to race. Good chance for Ian to mingle with teammates, since many of 'em road race and we stick to dirt. Now that 'cross season is here, we'll see more of 'em. The team tent looks a little crowded...

Some of Ian's teammates. What's cooler then kids looking pro? Nothing I tell you...

Ian hydrates before the start. As mentioned, it was pretty hot. I forgot to mention dusty. I thought 'cross is supposed to be cold and wet?

Milling about the start area before being called up to the line. Mixture of ages, juniors broken up into a few groups. Ian registered for Junior Boys 9 - 12, currently being 12 years old. At the line, discovered only one lap for him, two for all other junior classes. I know he'd rather do a longer race, probably could have raced with the older kids. No time for last minute adjustments - go with your current age group. This was also Ian's first race on a 'cross bike, previous races completed with his mountain bike.

Junior Boys 9 - 12 wait for the Go! command. Ian squeezed out of the front line, gotta learn to wiggle himself in there. In any case, it really didn't matter - in a good way...

Ian going hard, teammate Mike right behind (in the older age class - with a flat tire!). Go Ian go.

Cooling down after the race. Racing ain't easy, huh?

However, worth the effort. First place finish today. Fantastic job!

Great way to start the season and bump up the confidence level. First race, first place. First race on a true 'cross bike. Awesome! Pretty cool day for sure. No matter what place he comes in, as long as it remains fun and a positive experience, that's what counts. Other good life lessons included - practice, work hard, give it your all.

Of course, along with the juniors and younger kids, adults hit the course as well. I did not, but did take a few pictures. In no specific order or explanation, take a gander...

With that, the 'cross report now comes to a close. We're looking forward to the rest of this season, next race is next weekend. If interested, tune in for more pics and updates.

Don't forget to get out there yourself - ride or race...


  1. Great win for Ian! My guys are riding young too- Liam (11) and Ethan (8) are really tearing things up. And people said the beatings would never pay off... Hope you will check out our blog...we are Eddie. Subscribed to yours off the V.

  2. @Team Eddie - I checked out your blog. Nice!

    Your kids are already cranking it - they look great. Awesome family stuff...

  3. Totally awesome, Ian is doing great and dad and son time could not get any better then that.