Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seattle Cyclocross Series # 2 - Arlington, Washington

The 'cross train keeps on rollin' here in the sunny Pacific Northwest.  That's right, I said sunny, it doesn't rain everyday as most people suspect. Okay, it does rain most of the winter, but weeks of insanely nice summer weather make up for it.  Don't tell anyone though, it's already getting crowded here...

Enough weather talk, let's get down to business.  Cyclocross business.  Today, race # 2 of the Seattle Cyclocross series - not to be confused with MFG series, also underway - went down in a blaze of sunshine.  I'm also fibbing a bit, race actually occurred September 30th.  I'm just writing about it today, delay being working for living, family festivities - and wasting too much time on Facebook.  Better late then never.

Race venue was near a small airport in Arlington, same area as the state championship held last December.  Dead flat course with an interesting sand section tossed in for fun.  But what do I know?  I didn't even ride it - just ran around and took pictures - which has been the story this 'cross season, and will probably remain that way.  I'll just say I'm semi-retired instead coming up with a list of lame excuses.

For your home viewing pleasure, assorted Pics 'N' Words to describe the day...

It's gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny day.

My #1 son, Racer Boy Ian, looking pro in the sand section.

Ian rode the sand section every lap - nice job.  While pre-riding the course and warming up, said he didn't feel too good, felt super tired, wasn't too jazzed on racing.  I made the parent decision to nudge him a bit - we're already here, give it a go and maybe you'll feel better.  

Good call, after the race said he felt okay and had a good time, placing 9th out of 13 kids in his class - fast kids - not easy.  For this series, he races in the Junior Boys 13 - 14 class, some of which also race Mens CAT4 and do fairly well.

Teammate and junior girl racer, Ella, runs the sand section.

Junior racer recovers after crossing the finish line.  Fantastic watching these kids go for it.

Furry visitor to the team tent.

'Cross requires some barrier jumpin'.  Nobody said this was gonna be easy.

Under a September sun.

This dude appears to be the Seattle area race fixture, see him at every race.  People call him Cosmic - hope I got that right.  In any case, seems like a cool character, one of many in the local 'cross scene.

Standing on large mounds of sand gets you some interesting angles - and shoes full of sand.  Here, single speed dude throws up a roost.

Junior racers do a little dirt digging after racing duty.  This turned in a full scale dirt clod war that lasted forever.  Good clean fun.  Race turned out to be an overall fun day for Ian.

Freight train delivering the mail on the backside of the course.

Later, I constructed a scale model of the entire course in my yard...

High school racer and teammate, Theo, styling in the sand mounds.

Another high school age teammate, Harrison, plows into the sand.

Andrew powers though the sand looking pro.  Later used this pic for his Facebook profile.  I've had a few folks do this, which to hack photographer me, I find flattering.  Much better then having a zillion pics fermenting on a hard drive somewhere.

Count the grains.  Submit all entries for cash and prizes...

Cyclocross is tough.  No doubt about it.

Theo in action once again.  After sorting through all the pics, difficult to pick which ones to post.  I guess that's a good thing.  Even with the sun washed out kit, I dig this shot.

Under a glaring late afternoon fall sun, Garth blurs towards the finish.

Junior racers Mitchell, Ian, and Jarrett after a full day of dirt action fun.  That's Theo lurking in the background.  Cyclocross is fantastic for kids, and adults as well.  Trust me on that.

Another race down in the books.  Another positive experience for all.  Another post for the ol' blog.  Adios and good night...