Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seattle Bike Expo 2013

March in Seattle means Bike Expo, the annual pilgrimage to stare at all things bike and kick off the season.  Attended solo this year, no other family members seemed too interested today.  I was also scheduled to assist the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance booth for a two hour shift, to yap about the Student League to anyone interested.

Left the house a bit late, only allowing a quick run through of the show before my 4:00 - 6:00 PM booth duty - the end of the expo day.  Spent most of my quick tour in the classic bike show area...

Pretty good supply of vintage bikes to gawk at.  Classic Bike Show sign to help the confused, wandering around lost searching for carbon fiber and electronic shifting.

Old school wheel covers.

Lots of purty painted metal tubing, down tube shifters and toe clips.

No nonsense looking '81 Albert Eisentraut.  Very nice.

Old school Masi.

Eddy Merckx in Team 7-11 colors.  I always wanted one of these.

This company, Drillium Revival, redoing the drill out everything craze from years ago.

Stepped outside to take in the amazing weather and incredible view.  Seattle rocks.

333fab make some sweet looking bikes.  If I was in the market for custom, they would be on my list of contenders.

Crazy cool electric assist utility rig.  This would be a fun replacement for the second car.

On One had a booth, displaying their direct order bikes, available via Internet.  Here, carbon 26er with decent build for $1700 or so.  Killer deal.

And their carbon 29er, ready to roll for $1800 or so.  Wow.

Nice sunset on the way out.

Smart dude heading home.  I drove instead, not quite the same.

Quick post 'n' pics from the day.  I had good time manning the booth with folks from Evergreen and talking with people about the student league. Cool program to get more kids on bikes.  And that's always a good thing.  With that, I'm signing off...


  1. Man, I wish we had an event like that on the east cost! Love the pictures , thanks for sharing

  2. Pretty big event for Seattle, though seemed less crowded this year. Just a quick run though for me this year, but fun ...