Saturday, October 27, 2012

MFG Cyclocross Series # 4 - Mangnuson Park

Cyclocross season keeps on rolling, along with my never ending supply of pics and rambling words.  Photography is like racing - some days you have it, some days you don't.  I'm just a hack, but must be doing something right, since I usually arrive home with a decent Pile-O-Pics after most races.  In any case, I'm having fun and that's what it's all about.

This week's Pics 'N' Words from MFG series # 4, that took place last weekend.  Venue was Mangnuson Park in Seattle, nice spot for a 'cross race.  Very flat and fast course, some pavement included.  Barriers and one run up section.  Usual cool 'cross scene that we're lucky to experience in the Seattle area.

See for yourself...

Teammate Lars trades dirt for concrete.  Super nice dude, along with his teenage racer son, Anders.  Anders assisted my own teenage racer son Ian, warm up for this race.  Anders appears to have the series already won for his Grade 10 - 12 junior class.  Cool.

Kari Studley, woman's single speed 'cross national champion, can also go pretty damn fast with multiple speeds.

Concrete underpass allows for some fun camera angles and blur shots.

Dreaming of life beyond training wheels.

Past the secret door.

Monster Cross bike flattens everything in path.

Birds eye view of the action.

Girls racers rock.


Racer Boy Ian chases teammate Matt into the concrete abyss.

Scenic cruise on the shores of Lake Washington.  Ian demonstrates.

Run Ian run.  Check out the new white Northwave shoes.  Pro, eh?  Considering this was a flat, fast, and not very technical course - not really his style - did pretty well.  Scored 9th out of 18 kids in the Junior Boys Grades 6 - 7 class.  His currently sitting in 7th place overall for the series.  Great job!

Follow the leader.

High speed leaf crunching.

Insanely nice fall day.

Various barrier action.

Back of the course featured a run up, courtesy of wooden stairs.

"Do my cleats look worn?"...

Grimace into the corner.

Go JL Velo.

Old school cool.

Lined up for torture.

It's late and my mental caption machine is operating in sleep mode.  Time to wrap this up and hit the sack.  A few races left in the season, more to follow.  Adios...


  1. Wow! I love the pictures you took!

  2. @Bikewright. Thanks! I've been having a blast shooting races and getting into photography once again.