Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ibis Gets Wings

The spiffy carbon Ibis flies once again. It's been a heartwarming tale of snapping derailleur hangers, twisted derailleurs, and toasted chains. Finally, the full story can be told. I'm expecting a call from Paramount Pictures any minute now. Look for the blockbuster to hit theaters next summer. Kevin Bacon and Pee Wee Herman are both in the running to play me. I couldn't be more proud.

Goodies await installation. Chainrings and cassette from three different retailers via the online wonder of eBay. All also have brick and mortar locations - actual bike shops. Chain arrived via personal visit to REI, even though they also sell online. It's a confusing world we live in. No matter the location, Shimano goodies are on the expensive side. No problem though, they make great stuff. All Ultegra level on the ladder of Shimano goodness.

My, what shiny teeth you have. Never again to be this clean.

Big ring keep on turnin', may the quads keep on burnin', and we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the Ibis.


  1. Dang nabbit, I thought I was going to get the part. Wearing out the 'big ring' speaks of QUADS...

  2. Hey, I know this is some work but here is a link to ecovelo's chain waxing

    If you want to keep those teeth shiny!

  3. @Davey. I have no quads to speak of. I did wear the big ring some, hence the replacement. I probably could have reused both chainrings, just didn't want to risk shifting and other hassles. With the compact crank (34x50), you tend to leave it in the big ring most of the time and only drop to the 34 for climbing. Combined with the 10 speed cassette, it changed the way I ride.

    @Bikewright. I've never tried waxing chains. I clean the chain fairly often - just wiping with Pedro solvent and a rag, then lube with Pedro's chain lube. I also just wear everything out at the same time - cassette, chain and chainrings. What I pulled off had about 10,000 miles on it - not bad really.

  4. Good post Dan, looks like your in for some fun, I understand the "Pee Wee Herman" part, I felt like Pee Wee on a big hill yesterday.