Saturday, March 12, 2011

42 Degree Rain With a Chance of Stew

It's been a few months since I hit the Old Guy ride, so decided today would be it. Woke up to 42 degrees and pelting rain. Sweet. Staring out the window at 7:45 AM, barely awake, puddles in the driveway - every atom screamed to return to bed. No....must.....ride. Was out the door at 8:15, quiet as possible to let the family continue their trip in dreamland.

Funny thing about riding bikes, no matter how painful the rising time or the weather - once you get rolling, you're always glad you did. After literally thousands of rides over the years, I can't remember once thinking, "Yeah, I should have skipped today" - just never happens.

Five of us hit the trails today. Super muddy, deep puddle running, in pouring rain. We cut the ride a little short, right after the expresso stop, but still almost two hours of riding - not bad at all. I don't know these guys well, but get a kick out of riding with them. Many are 50 and 60+ years of age and still rocking it. There's no race pretending, looking pro, or obsessing over equipment. They just ride and have fun. And in the end, that's really all that matters.

During today's ride, one dude took a top tube to the uh, nether regions. He was down for the count for a few minutes, but laughing about it. 10 years old or 60 years old, still damn funny - and not so funny. What percent of 60 year old guys are in the woods on a mountain bike, coated with mud in the pouring rain, laughing off a direct shot to the groin? Awesome, eh? I think so anyway.

No riding pictures today. All I can offer is this museum quality shot of my soaking wet gear laying on the garage floor. Dude, they don't call it the Information Superhighway for nothing.

After the ride, the wife wanted to hit some Geocache get together at a local restaurant - Irish pub kind of place - so we loaded up the family and headed to Kirkland. Talked to a few folks and had a nice lunch. I also showed the kids how to play pool on a real pool table. Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon.

What's better then Irish stew after riding in the freezing rain for two hours? Go ahead, give me a better option. See? There is none.

This being some kind of Irish related Geocache event, they offered this cool looking Geocache coin. Being of Irish descent, pretty sharp looking I think. This would make a killer headbadge for a bike, no? These coins are numbered and tracked as they move from cache to cache around the world. Son Ian will set his free soon. Daughter Amy would rather collect them. I'll just take another bowl of stew (burp).

This concludes yet another fluffy bike post in a series. Collect 'em all. Call now, operators are standing by. The more you spend, the more you save. No gimmicks. I've fallen and I can't get up. Where's the beef? Bass-O-Matic '76. Why buy a mattress anywhere else?...


  1. Sounds like a good day, I guess yall have to get used to riding in the rain in Washington, Sun's are problem down here in Texas.

  2. Yeap, me too. Many many times I feel to tired to ride, but once I saddle up, the energy starts to pour in.Just once did I turn around from a ride.

    Oh btw Dubuque's ski resort--> :-)

  3. I fine in encouraging to ride with older guys that aren't afraid to go down. Gives me something to look forward to. "Older" is relative, always the group of guys older than me.

  4. Yeah - old is relative. I'll be 50 in July, which I find amazing and comical at the same time. Riding with guys 65+ who are still having a blast assures the future is looking good. I've also raced against guys 60+ who've kicked my ass. Race or ride, doesn't matter - just gotta keep moving.

    @mrbill. It doesn't rain here as often as people think. However, we do get lots of grey, overcast days with wet trails or pavement. The summers are killer though - 60s and 70s, no humidity, sunny skies and snow capped mountains. Really nice.

    @MrDavey. I checked out the ski link. That place reminds me of some of the smaller ski areas in New Jersey - my home state. I guess down hill skiing exists almost anywhere its cold enough for snow.