Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ibis Flies Again - Almost

A few weeks ago, the spiffy carbon Ibis mysteriously sheared off the derailleur hanger while commuting home from work. Damn strange. A replacement hanger arrived pronto after ordering off the Ibis site. I replaced the hanger only to find the Ultegra derailleur completely tweaked. Ouch. It caught the spokes for sure to get that wasted.

My theory is the hanger was letting loose, hence the creaking noise for a few pedal strokes, then Blam-O, into the spokes. It remains a mystery. In any case, I ordered up a new derailleur from Excel Sports and finally got around to installing it today...

Depending on your political take - this derailleur is leaning to the left, pointing to the right, or moderately bent. Pick one. Like the current political picture, none of them appear to be great options.

Dead specimen removed, now a nice paper weight.

Newer style Ultegra bolted up, all angular and racy like. Yup, should knock a few minutes off my commute time and I'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

After the swap and little tweaking, bike was shifting perfect in the workstand. Test ride however, not quite so. A little more tweaking, still not perfect. No time to finish however, since family Halloween festivities were waiting. Busted derailleur projects can't hold up trick or treat time.

Will need to attempt at a later date. Hopefully, the Halloween curse on the Ibis will be lifted by then...


  1. Depending on your political take - this derailleur <---that was funny and accurate.
    My derailleur did the same to me, had to walk 5 miles home, was thinking of two chain clips and have the ability to go single speed, but prolly will never get around to it.

  2. I feel your pain, I had to replace a hanger not long ago, then tweaking, but when you finally get it right, it's So Nice.

  3. Lucky for me, only about a 1/2 mile walk after the blow up. If it was in the multi-mile range, I would have called for back up...

    Yes, once adjusted, the sweet click of SIS. I've yet to have time to look at it. Soon.