Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CZ Motocross Time Capsule

Even though my vintage motocross bug has died, or at least hibernating; I can't help but to cruise eBay occasionally to see if anything interesting is up for action. Found this today, the proverbial "barn find", as in new '73 CZ 380 MX in the crate. Now this would be an interesting project. Lucky for me, I don't have the time or money for such festivities, so no bidding action required. Otherwise, I'd consider joining the fray - as in bidding, restoring, and entering a few vintage races on the restored steed. Well, once I move to Fantasy Island anyway.

The official description as per the official eBay listing.

Info as stamped in Czechoslovakia in 1973.

1973 era two stroke technology waiting to be fired up for the first time in 38 years.

Ding free downpipe ready for action. I'm sure that rear tire is totally dry rotted and ready for the dumpster. Rear shock oil now sludge.

Pristine blue tank peeks out from under shipping paper covering. Rotted carb boot quietly rests on engine case.

Obviously, even something this "new" would require a complete rebuild after sitting around for 38 years. Once the dust was cleared off, all rubber items replaced - tires, crank seals, fork seals, and who knows what else - this would be a perfect specimen of 1973 Czechoslovakian motocross in all its wonder. CZs were on the crude side even in the day, positively stone age now. Part of the appeal for me however. CZs are also steeped in motocross history and lure.

Keep this as the museum piece? No way. I'd modify and set up as per current vintage racing rules and ride, as intended by the folks who assembled this machine back in '73.

Example of what this could look like restored and ready to rock. And roll. And roost.

Aboard the mighty ol' CZ, you could pretend you're Jaroslav Falta styling for the masses. Or maybe not. Falta pic borrowed from Vintage Works Bikes, a site worth visiting if you're into the vintage scene at all.

With that, we now close the vintage motocross story book and return to Bicycle Land - already in progress. Thanks for your patronage.


  1. Yanno Dan, my son has a perfectly running Yamaha yz he keeps in my garage. This blog post tempts me to take my first trail ride on her.

  2. What year YZ is it? Just curious.

    The bidding on that "new" old CZ is now over $5000, with reserve not yet met. Crazy. For $5000, I'd get myself a new 'cross bike, plus take the family on vacation.