Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ritchey Swiss Cross is Back

I caught this off the Cyclocross Magazine website; so I uh, borrowed the pic to display the latest from Ritchey. Latest being a bit of throwback to the Swiss Cross model. This edition being oversized steel, complete with SRAM and Ritchey components. Very nice indeed. The red, the white, carbon rims and fork. Bit of old school, bit of new school. Yes please. Daddy like.

Apparently this was displayed at the recent NAHBS in Austin, Texas. Production model? I don't have any details, but always admired the earlier Ritchey road, 'cross and mountain frames - though I've never owned one. Would be sweet to own this one however. Please send money.

Also worth mentioning, Cyclocross Magazine rocks. I've been picking it up at the newsstand for awhile now, need to get a subscription. If you like 'cross, you'll dig the mag for sure.


  1. That Swiss CX is sweet! I was a fan of the Ritchey P-23 back in the day. Love to see production of the Ritchey frames again.

  2. So many bikes and no money. :-) I love riding Cross bikes, my highest mileage is on my XO2.
    Those white brake hood covers would get messed up if I had em.

  3. Yes, white hoods (white stem, white seat) nice touch but sure would be headache to keep looking nice.

  4. Yeah - a pain - but I could live with the time spent cleaning that saddle and brake hoods. Awesome looking bike and contributes to my mantra of look pro and go slow.

  5. 'Look pro and go slow' eh ? I like that...I like that a lot. I like the bike a lot too..