Sunday, February 10, 2013

Basketball Season Ends

Today was the last game of son Ian's basketball season.  They ended it all with a fun win, then a pizza party nearby.  Good day for all.  Ian's fourth year on this recreation league team and that for a reason - great bunch of kids and coaches.  All based on having fun and learning new skills.  A great set up and we plan to be back next time around.

A few shots from the season, games and practice...

Ian works the ball down court.

Coach Larry with low angle attack of advice.

All for one.  One for all.

Practice fun.

Andres on the go.  Smallest kid on the team, but a fantastic player.

David enjoying the game.

Ian on defense, puts the smack down.

Practice goofing around.

Dominic gets some air.

Coach Lyle keeps an eye on the mayhem.

Full speed ahead Scotty.

Time out conference.

Ian has a pretty sweet jump shot.

The basketball gig has been a positive all around experience for Ian.  The team aspect a good companion for his bike racing, very different mentality and culture to both.  Working as a team verses the individual effort involved with mountain bike and cyclocross events.  All good stuff.

Opens my eyes a bit also, since I normally have little interest in the mainstream stick 'n' ball sports.  I've grown to appreciate basketball a bit - it's a cool sport.  More of a family affair as well, since wife and daughter attend every game, a little more comfy then hanging around a bike race for a few hours.

To help out, I designed some t-shirts to give away today at the season ending party.  Plus put together a photo slideshow.  My wife helped arrange gifts for the coaches and worked with the shop on printing the shirts.  Another mom arranged the party site reservations.  Thanks to Coach Lyle and Coach Larry for all their time and support.  The kids should good memories of all this, and that's what counts.

Until next basketball season, back to bikes.  Stay tuned.

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