Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Team Fat Chance Yo Eddy - Peek from Beyond

Feast your eyes on this specimen of all things old school cool.  Yes, bike geek alert in full alarm.  Team Fat Chance Yo Eddy in all its steel frame and fork glory, courtesy of Fat City Cycles.  Please bow your heads.  Fat City Cycles.  R.I.P.

Suspension?  Nada.  Toe clips?  Check.  Top mount shifters?  Check.  Turbo saddle?  Check.  Fat ass tires?  Check.  Stare in awe at the green and black fade paint.  Marvel at the correct stance of the thing.  It just plain looks right.  One of the coolest mountain bikes ever made.  You know it.  I know it.  We all know it.  Well, at least now you know...

Okay, I'm biased.  I own one, now retired after many years of use.  I still enjoy just seeing it hang in the garage.  I occasionally buzz it around, still amazed how good it feels.  Some frames appear to contain magic in their tubes.  This is one of those bikes.  Trust me.

I pulled this image off the 'net.  Not sure of the original source, so apologize for not giving credit for the excellent photo of how things were.  We now return to our regular programing, already in progress.


  1. Rebuild it! Bring it back to life!That would be super cool!

  2. My Yo Eddy is actually in pretty good shape - totally rideable. Some paint and decal wear for sure from use. I've thought about sending it off to Groovy Cycles for paint and new decals, but doubt I will. Shows some history the way it is.