Thursday, October 11, 2012

MFG Cyclocross # 2 - Greetings from Lake Sammamish

Contrary to the sluggish blogging action, cyclocross season in full swing in the Pacific Northwest.  As is the Weeks 'N' Weeks of insanely nice weather we been experiencing.  Cyclocross is supposed to be Wet 'N' Misery on two wheels and I'm sure that will hit eventually.  For now, I'll take the perfect fall days instead.  No boots required.

This edition of 'cross tomfoolery, stop number two for the MFG series, took place on September 23rd.  See, told you the blog action has been sluggish - like me.  Only son and Racer Boy Ian battled for glory, while I ran around like an idiot and took a few zillion pics.  Narrowed 'em down to a few for yet another blog post.

See for yourself...

Low on the horizon fall sun makes for some cool shadows.

Risking camera and limb, I grab a shot of teammate Garth doing a little barrier dancing.  Cool thing about shooting 'cross - you can get stupid close to the action.

Go ahead, admit it - that disk brake is kinda hypnotizing.  You're getting very sleepy...

Garth, once again, this time blurring into the barrier section.

Some of Ian's fellow teammate junior racers.  Some of these kids at 13 -14 years old are pretty fast and give adult racers a run for their money.

Beach run on the shores of Lake Sammamish included at no extra charge.  Ian demonstrates.

More kid racers rockin' it.

Ian barrier sequence.  Well, I cheated - pics not from the same lap - but you get the idea.  Ian was doing fairly well this race, trying hard for sure, then derailed his chain while exiting the barriers.  Wrestled a bit getting the chain back on, losing a glove in the process, and some time.

Finished 12th out of 22 kids in his class.  Not bad at all in my book.  He was mad about the chain incident, but hey, that's how racing goes sometimes.  Still collects series points and I'm proud that he doesn't give up and keeps it rolling.

Ian enjoys post race burger at the team tent.  Nice bunch of folks involved with the JL Velo crew.  Most 'cross races involve social time with food and support included.  Very cool.

Even the Michelin Man raced.  And he's pretty damn fast.  Who knew?

A few more shots to risk my Nikon and health at the same time.  I'm actually not in the way at all, however, if someone stacked into the barriers - all bets are off - and I could become part of the action.  But not in a good way...

High speed dismount.  I wonder if all teammates gets a free Audi?...

Long pavement start that dumps into the grass.  Dead flat, but fun course.  My slow ass actually raced it last year.

Brian, nice dude and fast racer.  He bought a Triumph Speed Triple I was selling back in 2001.  A few years later, I recognized him at a 'cross race.  Two wheel interest spills over from moto and pedal power.

Got a little sand kicked in my face for this one.

Teammate Harrison sporting some sun glare.  Fast high school kid.

Hey kids, where's the beach?  Let the stampede begin.

Teammate Andrew doing a little sand sampling.

Why run when you can roost?

Teammate Luke looking a little too happy.

Run Luke run...

Many colorful characters in 'cross.  I dig it.  Great scene.

Scientific fact - mutton chops make you faster.

Brandon blurs into the corner.

That's all for now sports fans.  Another fun day shooting pics, chatting with like minded folks, watching 'cross, eating burgers, and quality father/son time.  All with a spectacular fall day as the backdrop.  We'll take it.

More pics and reports to follow.  Until next time...


  1. Great pictures! I take it that Ian is left handed?

    Are you sure that's not Bob Roll from his mountain bike days sporting those sideburns??

  2. Thanks, I've been having a blast shooting pics. It's also a bit less painful the racing myself...

    Ian is right handed, though has been dismounting on the "wrong" side since Day 1 of trying cyclocross. Been three years now, so ingrained, though he's tried occasionally to switch - doesn't work for him. He's doing okay as is, though doesn't shoulder the bike at all, just runs with it.

    Maybe it is Bob Roll....