Friday, December 9, 2011

Cyclocross State Championship - The Season Ends

Late and final Cross-O-Report for the season, you get what you pay for, which for this quick post - not much. Race was last Sunday, pics uploaded to blog days ago, finally threw some words down and posted. Better late then never.

Season closer was the Washington State Cyclocross Championship, have a good day and you'll be crowned state champion for your division. Racer and spectator numbers seemed a little down from the MFG or Seattle series, but still a good turn out. Speeds seemed to be up a bit, since doing well could earn some serious bragging rights.

Pics and words from the event...

Cool venue, area near the small airport in Arlington, Washington. Cold weather greeted all, but a really nice winter day. Early December is still technically fall, seems like winter to me. Here, wave of racers waits for the start under a low level sun.

On your mark, get set .....

Ice, ice baby. Cold in the morning, giving way to sunny temps in the 40s. Reminded me of my East Coast roots. Cold and clear.

Frost tent.

Enter the light.

Blur in.

Blur out.

JL Velo juniors warm up. A team that warms up together, races together. Kinetic, now a team sponsor, offered up a pile of trainers for the team. Sweet!

My son and Racer Boy Ian, hydrates before the start. That's fancy talk for drinking water.

JL Velo boys ready to rumble in the Junior Boys 13 - 14 division.

Older JL Velo boys ready to rumble in the, uh, older junior divisions. That be 15 - 18 years old.

JL Velo girls Ella and Emma chat on the start line.

High five on the line. They're ready to roll.

Away they go to a scenic backdrop. The Pacific Northwest rocks. Trust me on that.

Follow the tape.

Teammate Evan hits the sand section.

Look where you wanna go.

Henry hits the sand. Fast teammate and 12 year old. Wanna race? Some of these kids can put a whooping on adult racers.

Ian plows into the sand. I can tell by his face, he's going for it. That's my boy.

Emma runs towards the corner and cheering masses.

Brandan cranking out of a corner.

Blurry, but I dig this pic. Shadow me photographs a speeding Ian. Seems to the case now, he races and I support. No problem there. Awesome to see him in action.

Run under the sun.

Some run, Ian rides. Great job.

In the groove.

Emma rides the sand section. Cool! Always fantastic to see younger girls racing, there seems to be a shortage of 'em.

Dappled sunlight. Course was a mixture of grass, gravel, sand, and a little singletrack.

Race your shadow.

Great venue for a 'cross race.

Ian crosses the finish line, 6th place out of 8 racers in the Junior Boys 13 - 14 class. He rode really well today, could see it, he was going for it. Many fast kids in his class, most of 'em on his team. I think he did great, a nice way to end the 'cross season. He did a lot of racing this fall, around 10 'cross races in all. Very cool and I'm proud of him.

Teammate Emma with a 2nd place finish in the Junior Girls 13 - 14 class. Fantastic.

Teammates Henry and Jarrett take 2nd and 1st place respectively in the Junior Boys 13 - 14 class, with Jarrett now officially state champion. Congratulations.

Teammate Theo scored a 2nd place in the Junior Boys 15 - 16 division. Nice!

Teammates Brandan and Parker score 1st and 3rd in the Junior Boys 17 - 18 division. Another state champ for team JL Velo. Brave lad in 2nd place rocks the podium kilt.

Ringside view from the JL Velo team tent.

Another burger please. Burp. Thanks. Life is rough.

Well, there it is sports fans. Another well run event, another cyclocross season in the books. Third 'cross season for Ian, first season racing with a team. I did a whopping two 'cross races myself, Ian is the real racer of the family. Even though I've been racing lame, been a blast watching him in action and grabbing some photos. It's all good.

Now time for some fun mountain bike rides together, the mountain bike race season a few weeks down the road. Stay tuned.

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