Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MFG Cyclocross Series # 3 - Beyond the Velodrome

Gather 'round kids for yet another 'cross report.  Oh, I know my massive readership - now numbered in the tens - has been waiting for the latest. Well, the wait is over and here's the farm fresh edition.  Sorta.  Due to tide levels, Elvis sightings, and trucking delays - race actually occurred on October 6th - action packed Report 'N' Pics only 10 days past the expiration date. 

This cyclocross adventure, stop number three on the MFG express, is the much heralded StarCrossed event of the 'cross season.  Usually with pro level dudes and dudettes doing battle under the lights for the cheering masses.  Except this year, no big names, but still some crazy town eliminator race scheduled for night action.  However, we missed that due to unforeseen circumstances...

Reeve, dad to two of the racers on the team - and 'cross racer himself - warms up the juniors armed with iPhone and steely glare.  Race venue being the Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond.  That be Washington.  Grassy knoll behind Reeve drops off into the velodrome banking - trust me - it's there.  Velodrome, cyclocross, vibrant bike scene in the Seattle area.  Feel free to hate us...

My favorite son, Racer Boy Ian, warms up under the festive Redline team tent.  I can tell by his face, he's not digging it today.  Tired and a bit cranky, been a busy few weeks getting used to junior high school.  I swear he also grew another inch during the last week.  Trials and tribulations of being 13 years old.

After warming up, wasn't sure he wanted to race - a rare, like never - event for him.  I prodded a bit - we're here, you're registered, give it a go and see how you feel.  If tired, just cruise for series points.  It's all good and supposed to be fun.  A parent call and I decided to push a tad, knowing he'd be glad later.  I hope.

Juniors line up for action under a '70s looking sun.

JL Velo junior team triple play.

And they're off, Ian delayed behind a crash in the Junior Boys 13 - 14 class.

Anna, niece of a teammate, has done a few 'cross races this season and seems to be digging it.  Gotta love seeing stuff like this.  Fantastic.

Shadows on the velodrome banking.  That's me on the left, now you know what I look like.  Handsome, huh?

Junior teammate Henry clears the log section, much to the delight of headless spectators.

Ian displaying log running skills, while staring me down.

JL Velo, high and low.

Junior teammate Matt runs the barriers.  Looking good.

Towards the end of the race, Ian was dragging and not looking too happy.  Post race, plopped into a chair at the team tent looking toasted.  Did I mention it was also a hot day?  In October, in the Pacific Northwest.  Something strange is going on.  Sweaty Ian attempts to recover with a bottle of cold water.

To add to the enjoyment, I was on call for work and of course, get called during Ian's race.  Nothing more fun then attempting to decipher some computer issue, via a bad cell phone connection, from off-shore contractor, with race announcer and cow bells as background noise.  Awesome.

So, no rest for weary Ian.  Loaded him and gear into the car for the trip home - punctuated by shortened Chipotle stop - with more work issues. Once home, wound up working online 'till 10:00 PM.  The rare day where maybe we just should of skipped a race.  The work fun also continued most of Sunday.  Such is modern life and earning a paycheck.

Silver lining however, when we checked results online later.  Ian placing 11th out of 20 kids in his class.  Not bad at all, considering the bummer mood of the day.  Sweet.  And makes Ian a semi-happy camper, now being in 7th place overall for the series.  Good work, consistency and hanging in there pays off.

Bit of a life lesson combined with cyclocross.  True?

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  1. Nice report! I've got a 13-y-o meself so I sorta know what you're going through.