Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love My Bike - Book Review

Picked this book up from the library last weekend.  First glance, "Hey something to flip through at home", thinking one cruise through would be enough. According to plan, once home, flip through I did.  More then once as a matter of fact.  This is a great little book.

Simple formula of taking pictures of people with their bikes from various cities around the U.S.  It all works and I found myself studying the photos in detail, checking out the people and bikes, but more importantly - the cool backgrounds.  Well done portraits of people and their two wheel rides. If you ever have the need to photograph people and bikes, one awesome little reference book.

Another reason this book works is due to the majority of fixie hipsters contained within.  Fixie hipster I'm not, so that subculture of bikes and uniform was a cool change of pace, over the usual carbon race rig and wanna be racer look.  A look I've seen plenty of and guilty of myself, so nice change of vibe to see people in normal street clothes mixed with bikes.  Fixed gears, tattoos, urban transport, hipster scene.  It's all good and makes for some great pictures.

Book by Matthew Finkle and Brittain Sullivan.  Based out of Boston.  Nice job.


  1. Thanks for the intro to this little book.....


  2. I gotta check me out that book. Thanks...

  3. Biking adventures would be more fun if you have keepsakes to bring home to your loved ones. Taking photographs is one good way to document your biking escapades. My cousin Beth would love this book. She is into taking photographs of beautiful landscapes.