Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Access - The Final Chapter

It's about time to bid farewell to the little bike that could, officially ending Project Access.  My son, Racer Boy Ian, has outgrown the 14" frame and needs something a tad larger.  I built this bike up two years ago using the bargain Performance Access XCL Comp frame, various parts around the garage, and few new tidbits.  A very light, totally race ready bike for very low dough.  Being the single paycheck family of four with bike nut dad (that be me) also requiring stuff to ride, need to be creative to keep everyone rolling on decent wheels.

This bike has exceeded all expectations and worked fantastic for two years.  For a fast growing son having this rig work from age 10 - 12 was more then expected.  From the original build, only changes were the addition of clipless pedals (out of my garage stash), Ritchey seatpost ($15 online), longer stem and wider 'bars (garage stash), and one set of XTR brake pads (garage stash again).  That's it for many hours of two wheeled fun and frolicking.  Bargain of the century, if I may say so.

Ian has piloted this bike on countless rides shared with me.  Many awesome father/son memories and some adventure added to our lives. Plus, scored 2nd overall in the Budu mountain bike race series and 6th overall in the MFG cyclocross series - in addition to a few other assorted races.  All this from my garage built special, which makes it even more - uh - special.

Fire up some sappy music and enjoy the farewell slideshow...

My plan was to order another Performance Access XCL frame in a 16" size, then swap everything over.  Plan was foiled since Performance no longer carried this frame.  Bummer.  I should have grabbed one and stored in the garage until needed.  I even called Performance and attempted to track one down.  No luck.  Incredible deal for a $100 frame (on sale).

That was a few months ago, however, just discovered Performance once again stocks this frame.  Interesting.  In any case, if you're looking for a bargain build, don't hesitate to pick one  up to construct your own low dough XC race bike.

Since I couldn't score another frame from Performance at the time, picked up a different $100 frame that's been sitting in a box awaiting build up.  Now is the time.  Stay tuned.

Once retired, the Access frame will hang in the garage patiently waiting for my 8 year old daughter to grow into it.  Project Access will live once again.  Until then, I hope it enjoys the rest it deserves.  It's been a great ride. 


  1. Why does this new Blogger layout double space between paragraphs? Driving me loopy. Not how I set it up. Suggestions from Blogger Land?

  2. Not sure on the double spacing, but just want to say your a good papa, and I look forward to following Ian's races and rides. If I could move time backwards, I would choose to spend more son and daughter time, riding bicycles.

  3. I cannot believe it has been two years!

  4. Yup, time flies when you're having fun and getting old. As long as Ian's interest remains, I'll keep it going on two wheels with him.

    Double space issue solved by converting the paragraphs to center aligned, then back to left aligned. Wacky.