Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

No better way to ring in the new year then a mountain bike ride. True? Sunny and 50 degrees, pretty sweet for the first day of January and 2012.

2012? Sounds like we should manning personal flying machines. I guess in a way, we did just that. Crummy photos as proof, shot on the fly, heading back home through the neighborhood.

With recent rain expected the local trails to be Mud-O-Rama. Not the case, slightly wet and all around perfect. Due to a crazy workload, holiday festivities, along with other excuses - first time I've been riding in weeks. Been awhile since Racer Boy Ian and I cruised the trails together. A great day out. Some singletrack cruisin', Clif Bar eatin', and father-son talkin'. Nothing better then sharing a ride and outdoor time with your kids.

Happy New Year to all who actually check out my little ol' blog. Hope your upcoming year is full of fun rides, cool trails, and great folks to be with. Let's bring on 2012 with as much time as possible on two wheels.


  1. Happy New Year to you too sir. To a man who has great zest for family, life, and bikeing. Keep on rocking. Dave in Iowa.

  2. Thanks Dave. I look forward to checking out your 2010 adventures via your blog. Great stuff.