Sunday, January 8, 2012

Steelman XO-1

Cruising through the Steelman site, came across his modern version of the iconic Bridgestone XO-1. Very cool bike, eh? Handmade steel, disk brakes, mustache 'bars, celeste paint. Awesome "do everything" rig with a higher end edge.

Click here for more pics, including frame details. Very nice indeed.


  1. Uber-cool! I guy that I ride with likes his 16 year old RB-1 so much he is having a framebuilder make him one. He was told that with the new steel tubing they have now it would drop a pound in weight.

  2. I still have my '91 RB-1. Rides really well. I've considered upgrading it with modern components. The idea of a modern replica interests me also. In a way, the Rivendell Roadie is a modern RB-1...

    If interested, pics of my RB-1...

  3. That is what I've tried to do with my mb-4 Brigestone -- moustache bars, 1.5" street tires, bigger front chainring... only that bike looks as sweet as it probably rides, while my hodge-podge creation looks like it has a face for radio. And is heavy.

    Ah if only I had the money for a custom frame... er well